Reporting Data for NMDP Products

CIBMTR disables several fields on data collection forms when a NMDP Product is used, because those data can be obtained directly from NMDP. However, in order to use the NMDP data, CIBMTR needs to have sufficient details to match to the NMDP records. This linking is accomplished by using the NMDP RID in FormsNet and matching the infusion dates.

Adding NMDP RID to FormsNet:

  1. On the Recipient Tab, click the Search/Edit CRID option (top left of menu bar)
  2. Search for the CRID
  3. Click the Edit Icon next to the CRID to edit F2804
  4. Add the NMDP RID (Q 14)
  5. Scroll down and click Save
  6. You may be prompted for additional information on this form like race and ethnicity – answer these questions to the best of your ability to save the update.
  7. If you have already submitted a 2400 for this patient, you’ll need to resubmit that form to get the RID update to autopopulated on that form.
Last modified: Nov 01, 2021