You can start a game and save your progress for later. The game will start right where you left off.

Tip: The game autosaves during each step in play, so you can restart the game wherever you left off if your game is interrupted. Games also autosave during Final Factile.

How do I Save a Game?
1. Click on the “Save” button on the left side of your Factile.

2. A pop-up message will appear. Click “Save and Exit” to confirm.

3. Enter a name for your saved game. Tip: The system automatically creates a name for your saved game but you can modify this to help you easily identify your game later.

4. Click “Save Game”. A popup will show that your game has been saved successfully. You’ll find all your saved games on your “In-Progress Games” tab.

How Do I Resume My Saved Game?

From the My Games page, go to the In-Progress Games section where you can find all your saved games. Please note that games can be manually or automatically saved. All games that you manually saved are found in your “Saved Games” folder.

Each game is autosaved during each step in play so you can restart it wherever you left off if your game is interrupted. You can access all the games that have been automatically saved by the system in your “Autosaved” folder.

You can relaunch and continue your saved game by clicking the “Resume” button.

Tip: If you no longer want to save a session, just click “delete” to remove it from your list.

Do I Need to Finish a Game or Can I Start Over?
Resuming a game will only continue a specific game session. If you want to play the game from the beginning, you can launch it from the “My Games” tab.