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Enjoy our latest update with new features, improved performance and bug fixes. Enjoy!

  • Live Leaderboard for Factile, Choice, Memory, and Quiz Bowl. Now you can display the Leaderboard while the game is in progress.
  • Added Preview and Leaderboard for saved in-process games. You can check where you left the game off prior to resuming.
  • Player-accessible Leaderboard for Interactive Choice mode
  • New button to toggle the question/answer on the active tile.
  • New QR Code option to easily join any screen (player/remote-view/team-mgmt/answer/leaderboard)
  • Enter custom names for public mascots and rearrange the categories
  • Option to report public game
  • Mark any public game as a Favorite
  • New Home/School-Plus Plan: Adds all new Question Bank, Multi-Member teams up to 3 players per team and more. playfactile.com/accountfeatures
  • All new Question Bank. Create a “bank” of up to 300 questions and automatically generate games from that “bank”
  • New payment options for Pro plans (Link, Apple Pay, and Google Pay)
  • Automatic scoring for memory+buzzer mode
  • Added option on Interactive Choice game section to get an email when near to the participants limit for IC game

More great updates for our outstanding teachers and users :)

  • Display the specific team member who buzzes in on multi-member teams
  • Fixed an issue with printing the answer key
  • Additional improvements to multi-member team play
  • New “moderator hint” mode. You can turn this on during playing the game to get hints on how to use Factile while moderating a game
  • New option for the moderator to privately display the answer during playing the game so they can more easily score the players
  • Improvements for resuming saved games in progress
  • New display of QR code when starting the game that players can use to more easily join the game
  • Improved formatting for iOS devices
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

We’ve made some fun updates, improved the Customize UI and further improved reliability and performance. Enjoy!
The key updates are:

  • Improved the Buzzer Mode join process
  • Improved sorting for custom mascots
  • Updates to Interactive Choice mode
  • Mulit-Member teams improvements
  • Plus many reliability, and performance improvements

Super excited to launch the all new Factile V3! This new version of Factile is our biggest upgrade ever :). We’ve rebuilt Factile from the ground up to improve reliability, performance, provide a new user interface and of course add many new features! Enjoy!

The key new features are:

  • All new My Games page with tabs for all games, favorites, saved games, and Interactive Choice. Improved sort options and search capability for your games.
  • Improved Customization page with tabs for “global customization” that applies to all games and for “local customization” that applies to only a specific game.
  • New Preview on the Customization page so you can easily see the effect of different customization options
  • Question and Answer formatting improvements, particularly for images, and videos
  • Increased the maximum number of teams from 50 to 100
  • Improved mascot management: ability to activate/deactivate custom mascots, and ability to activate categories of default mascots
  • Added new customization “Display Question on Gameboard Tile” that shows the question on the gameboard after playing that tile
  • Additional timer music options for whether to play during the game or during Final Factile or both
  • Printing improvements – the menu and formatting have been improved.
  • Added a search bar on the “customization” and “MyGames” page
  • Added “Preview Board” button on the customization page to preview customizations
  • Added new customization “Custom Points for Quiz Bowl Question”
  • Added new option “Game Title Font Size”.

Buzzer mode improvements:

  • Option for players to add their name (in addition to the mascot name). This is helpful when finalizing scores at the end of the game to know which players are at the top of the leader board.
  • New ability to name players on multi-member teams so the moderator can see specifically which player on multi-member teams buzzed in
  • New option “Automatically Display Team’s Answer”
  • New option “Only Allow the Team Member who Buzzes In to Answer”
  • New customization “Arrange buzzed-in team on the left”
  • New member-players approval for mid-join
  • All new team joining interface enables the moderator to see which teams have joined as they join
  • New option for the moderator to “Manually enable/disable ” buzzer (rather than using the timer)
  • New option for players to see other their other team members on multi-member teams
  • Multi-Member teams improvement: members are now displayed in the Leaderboard
  • Multi-Member teams improvement: moderator can manage the joined teams by clicking on the gear icon on the team’s podium, including changing the team captain, adding a player to a team, and removing a player from a team.