We’ve had a busy summer with lots of great updates including account Content Authors, multiple images per question/answer, improve printing, and more performance improvements.
Here are the new features – Enjoy!

  • Multiple Images (Pro) – you can now upload multiple images per question / answer and scroll through them when playing the game. This is great for more complex topics such as anatomy or biology.
  • Account Content Authors (Pro) – Authorize other users to create or edit games. Just go to the Account page to add authorized Content Authors.
  • Printing improvements (Pro) – the menu has been improved and formatting has been improved.
  • Control email notices (Pro) – On the Account page, you can now turn on emails for automatically receiving receipts.
  • Performance improvements – the number of users keeps growing! This release allows much greater scalability and reliability. We are running on secure servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with greater scalability now.

Our April release brings all new integration with Google Classroom and Remind, some sharing enhancements, ability to rotate images, bug fixes and more!
Here are the new features – Enjoy!

  • Google Classroom integration (Pro). You can add Factile games and flashcards as assignments and easily share with your class. Just go to the “share” button and select the Google Classroom button
  • Remind Integration (Pro). Remind is a popular communication system to stay in touch with students and parents. To add a game or flashcard link to Remind, go to the “share” button and select the Remind button
  • Secure Sharing (Pro). You can now share games and flashcards and secure them with a PIN, so only users who know the PIN can access the game. You can also specify your own custom share PIN or regenerate your share PIN. This allows you to share with a class and then when that assignment is over, turn off the share and when another class begins, share but with a different PIN.
  • Accessibility Improvement (Pro). The Buzzer in Buzzer Mode can now be activated with the “Enter” or “Space bar” on the keyboard.
  • Rotate Images. You can now rotate images in Questions and Answers. The rotate left and rotate right icons will be displayed when adding an image during “Edit” or when adding a custom mascot in “Customize”.
  • Font Size Options. You can now specify larger font for Categories, and for Points. Just select the desired font size from the Settings on the “Play” page.
  • Select how many players to Buzz In. This allows you to choose how many users “Buzz In” to stop the timer and music.

Our March release upgrades Buzzer Mode performance substantially, adds an all-new “Manage Teams” option, makes improvements to the multiple choice game Choice, and adds many other great new features and bug fixes!
Here are the new features for this release – Enjoy!

  • Buzzer Mode improvements. The buzzer now displays as gray until it is active; when it is active it turns magenta. The buzzer turns active only when the question is displayed and after the optional reading timer expires. Once the buzzer is pushed, it again turns gray and displays “Buzzed-In” to indicate that the user has successfully buzzed in to answer the question. The score is now added to the buzzer device so the user can see their score. And the buzzer reliability has been improved.
  • Manage Teams. This is an all new option available during game play to manage your teams. During the game, you can add or delete teams now by clicking on the “manage teams” button on the gameboard. You can also score the teams on the “manage teams” page, which may be helpful when there are a lot of teams playing a game because the moderator can see all the teams on one page. In addition, there is an option you can set in Customize to open the “manage teams” page in a separate browser window. If you do that, you can display the “manage teams” page and the game at the same time. For games with many teams that may make scoring easier since the moderator can see all of the teams at a time – you can even then display the game on one laptop and the “manage teams” page on a different laptop.
  • Timer Pause. You can now pause the timer during the game by just clicking on the timer. Click again to resume.
  • Choice improvements. There are many improvements to Choice! The “buzz-in” sequence is now displayed on the team scoreboard, you can optionally choose to stop the timer/music on the first buzz-in, and many minor improvements.
  • Upload jpg images. You can now upload jpg images, in addition to png images, for custom mascots.
  • Custom mascot sizing. Custom mascots now automatically resize to fit properly on the team pedestal.
  • Final Factile timer. You can now set a different timer for Final Factile. Just set this option in the Customize page.
  • Share customizations. You can now specify which customizations you would like to share when sharing your game. Just go to the “share settings” tab after clicking on the “share” button.

2019-January-07 (updated January 18)
Our January release adds more performance improvements, support for 6 additional languages, some great new features and bug fixes! Also of note, the number of Factile users more than doubled in 2018; thanks for helping to get the word out!!
Here are the new features for this release – Enjoy!

  • Preview Mode. You can now preview your board and your questions / answers while on the Edit page. This way you can develop your game, then check the formatting and proofread it all from the Edit page prior to playing the game.
  • Language support. We’ve added support for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Just choose your language from the top right in the menu bar.
  • Leaderboard. Your teams will enjoy keeping track of the top 10 scores per game :) Just click on the “trophy” symbol on any game on the “My Games” page to view that game’s Leaderboard.
  • Added Category and Points to tiles. It’s easier to tell what tile you are on because the tile now includes the Category and Points in the top center.
  • Ability to change font size for the Category and Points. This setting is on the “Customize” page
  • Upload from spreadsheet. Now you can upload your questions and answers from a csv file. Just go to the edit page and choose “Upload From CSV”. There is a template there that you can download and fill out with the correct format to make uploading easy.
  • Stop timer. Now you can click on the timer during countdown to stop it. Click it again to resume the countdown.
  • Buzzer mode change. In buzzer mode, the timer and music will now continue until either the last user buzzes in or the timer counts down to 0. The moderator can stop the timer and music at any time by clicking on the timer in the top right corner of the game. You can change this setting to stop when the first user buzzes in by selecting the “Stop Timer with 1st Buzz-in” option in Game Settings.

Our November release is mainly a huge performance upgrade (we have managed to fit in a few new features too)! Thanks to all the great user feedback that makes this possible :). Also it is exciting that the number of Factile users has grown to the point that this performance upgrade made sense – thanks for helping get the word out!
Here are the new features for this release:

  • Performance upgrade. We have moved the site to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for higher performance, particularly during peek load periods. You should see improvements in every aspect of the site performance including responsiveness, loading time for images, buzzer mode, and printing.
  • Reading Timer. There is now an optional timer to allow time for students to read the question prior to pushing the buzzer in Buzzer Mode. Turn the timer on under “Customize” and the default countdown time is 5 seconds. During the Reading Timer countdown, the buzzers are not enabled. They are enabled when the Reading Timer reaches 0 and the Question Timer begins.
  • 4 Multiple Choice Answers. Our new multiple choice game “Choice” now supports 1 correct answer + 3 incorrect answers so that there are up to 4 multiple choice answers for your questions.
  • Print improvements. Print choices have improved and the performance has improved.

Our October release brings some more fun new features and performance improvements! Thanks to all the great user feedback that makes this possible :)
Here are all the new features for this release:

  • Daily Double. This is probably the most requested new feature! First turn on “Daily Double” on the Customize page. Second, choose the type of Daily Double you would like – either “Select” or “Random”. If you choose Select, then choose the Daily Double tile by clicking the “DD” on that tile (the selected DD will turn yellow). Then you can click “Select” again to hide the “DD” on each tile for the Edit page display. Selecting Random will surprise you with a Daily Double during your game. :) (Pro)

  • New Spell checker is added for the question / answer editor (Pro).
  • Added “paste” to the question / answer editor (Pro) so you can paste from MS Word
  • Display questions/answers on edit page. This is a great way to quickly find a question or answer during editing.
  • Remote View for playing distributed games. Remote sites can now connect to the game and “screen share” the main game board during play. Project teams across multiple sites can now play a game at the same time. Just turn on “Remote View” on the Customize page and then click “Remote User” when playing a game. You will get a PIN for the remote site to use to join! (Business Pro)
  • Print Quiz. This is a new Print option that prints the game questions in a multiple choice quiz format. To use this, just fill in the answers for the Multiple Choice game “Choice”. Then the “Print Quiz” will print a multiple choice quiz using the correct answer plus the two incorrect answers you enter for Choice on the Edit page. Students are to circle the correct answer out of the three choices.
  • Hide “public games” on the My Games page. Just click on the “green -” next to “Public Games” to hide the list of public games, and click on the “yellow +” next to “Public Games” to expand the list of public games.
  • Rename games. Now you can rename games on the “My Games” page by clicking on the “pencil icon” in the top right of the name box.

Our September release brings some more fun new features – all suggestions from our great users!

Here are all the new features for this release:

  • Folders for organizing games. You can now “file” games into folders to satisfy that organizing instinct! Games can be viewed in the “all games” folder and you can assign games to one or more folders. You can rename folders and move games from one folder to another. On the “My Games” page, you can select games by clicking on the small square box, then click on the three dots on a folder to select “add to folder”. All of the selected games will be added to that folder.
  • Show Score at the end of the game. At the end of the game, there is a new button “Show Score” that will display the final scores of each team. It shows the base score, the Final Factile wager and final score. You can even download the .csv file to track your team scores during the year :)
  • Mascots names in English, German, French and Spanish. During Mascot selection, you can now select in what language you want to view the Mascot names. This is a great idea from one of our users for making language reviews more fun!
  • Mascot Favorites. Now pick your favorites for easier future selection
  • Autoselect Mascots. One click randomly picks your Mascots for you.
  • New Double Factile option to play a second game at 2x the points after the first game. On the “My Games” page, each game now has a “D” in the top left corner. Just select “D” for the game to use as your Double Factile game.
  • New account management features including the ability to delete your credit card number and to delete your account. Go to the “Account” menu for all of your account management needs.

We are so excited about this upgrade! So many fun new features – including advanced editing, ability to play games as Memory or Multiple Choice games, and many new “human” avatars for Mascots! Once again, these are all feature requests from our fantastic users so keep sending feature suggestions.

Here are all the new features for this release:

  • Drag and drop Question / Answer tiles on the Edit screen from one tile to another. This is a great way to move Questions / Answers from one category to another or from one point tile to another.
  • Move Categories from one column to another. Just click on the arrows at the bottom of each Category column.
  • Copy / paste Categories from one game to another. Just click on the 3 dots at the top of each Category column above the Category title.
  • Advanced editing to Questions and Answers to add bold, italics, color, change fonts, add bulleted or numbered lists, super and sub scripts and more! You can even add Emoticons :) (pro)
  • Play games as Multiple Choice games. Just input two “incorrect” answers in the Edit screen and then “Play as Choice”. Players can play from their Buzzer devices and are presented with three answers (one correct and two incorrect) to choose from directly on their device. (pro)
  • Play games as Memory games. Users try to match Questions and Answer tiles. The game board displays numbered tiles and the users select which tile to “flip” and then try to match that tile with its corresponding Question or Answer. (pro)
  • 40 new “human” avatars to choose from for team mascots.
  • You can also organize mascots more easily and quickly find the mascot theme you are looking for. Do you feel like selecting “Sensational Sea Creature” mascots, “Friendly Fruit”, or “Adventurous Human Avatar” mascots?
  • Support for up to 25 teams. (pro)
  • Added button to “skip to Final Factile” during play, so if you are running out of time you can jump ahead to Final Factile.
  • Embed Factile games (go to “share” on My Games) into other web sites. (pro)
  • Ability to add math equations inline in the Question or Answer. Just put the equation using LaTeX between $#$ delimiters (eg $#$x^2$#$). Use $##$ delimiters to put that equation on its own line. (pro)
    Example: $#$\pi r^2$#$ will be displayed as and it can be used in line for a question or answer such as
    Pi times the radius squared is $#$\pi r^2$#$

    For more info on the syntax, please see In line Math Equations
  • Rename saved games

We are happy to announce another exciting update to Factile! Among other new features, Factile now supports mobile devices (the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices)! You can create, edit, and play a game now from mobile devices. Best of all, flashcards are supported on mobile devices so it is easier for students to take advantage of flashcards :)

Here are all the new features for this release:

  • Mobile device support for Creating, Editing, and Playing a game! Also for Flashcards!
  • New Multi-Member teams in Buzzer Mode. Now each team can have multiple members making team events even more fun!
  • Improved display of math equations using the equation editor.
  • Improved printed answer key options.
  • New option for teams to enter the Final Factile answer on their Buzzer devices. This is one of many great suggestions from our users – thank you and keep the suggestions coming :)
    Here’s the user suggestion behind this cool new feature: “I wanted to make a suggestion regarding the final factile. I have been using buzzer mode which my class really enjoys, and it helps me to know which team to call on first. I would like to suggest that for the final factile, the teams can enter their response into their cellphone from buzzer mode. This edit would be really helpful as right now they have to write it down on a sheet of paper. It would be great to have them enter from the buzzer on the cell phone and then their answer could populate on the screen for me to score them.
  • General UI improvements and we have brought the Twitter and Pinterest buttons back.
  • Bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance improvements.

  • TIP – During Final Factile, if a Team’s Buzzer gets disconnected, just click the mascot to enter a wager and continue the game.

A big shout out to our great users who keep the feature requests coming in!
This update brings support for 18 teams (up from 5) and 24 fun new team mascots! Check out the new Sea Creatures, Safari Animals and Arctic Animals to jazz up your games ;)

Here are the new features for this release:

  • support for 18 teams (up from 5) (Pro) and 24 fun new team mascots!
  • Save games in progress (Pro).
  • Sorting of the list of “My Games” by name, date modified, date played
  • New ability to mark your favorite games on the “My Games” page (by clicking the heart) to keep them at the top of the list
  • New support page with links to user documentation and other help
  • New “Answer First” mode to display the Answer and then have your users answer with the Question (Pro)
  • Ability to change your login email address in the “Account” menu
  • Improved printed answer key formatting (Pro)
  • Easier access to common game customizations (now available on the “Play” screen)
  • Buzzer sound is disabled after the first buzzer hit of each question – so players don’t keep making noise ;)
  • Bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance improvements
  • TIP – Now during Final Factile, if a Team’s Buzzer get disconnected just click the mascot on the “Tile Board” to enter a wager and continue the game.
  • New video tutorial

This is a big upgrade that brings lots of new customization options and theme music! These are all feature requests from our fantastic users so keep sending feature suggestions. Learn more here.

  • Play “thinking music” during the timer countdown!
  • Huge customization upgrades. Now you can
    - Turn the timer on or off
    - Turn thinking music on or off
    - Turn scoring sound effects on or off
    - Change the symbol displayed with points on Tiles (ie change $ to something else or remove it)
  • New Positive Score Mode to not deduct points when the answer is incorrect. This request was from a user who wanted the students to feel great about earning points and to not be afraid of losing points when answering a question.
  • New Exact Case Mode to display the font exactly as it is input for Questions and Answers. Now you can display lower case font for music topics, chemical equations, math equations, language topics and many other uses. Another great suggestion from our users!
  • New Show Answer before Score Mode displays the answer prior to scoring, so this is helpful for users playing without a moderator.
  • Click on an image in a question or answer to make it full screen. This was a suggestion from a user that makes using images for questions and answers so much better for projecting to a screen.
  • New +/- buttons on the podium score board allows adding or subtracting 100 points to a score at any time. These allow the moderator to correct scoring (if for instance a team is mistakenly awarded points) or make adjustments for any reason during gameplay.
  • New Event Mode for running one or more games in a loop with a preset configuration (ie number of teams, mascots, buzzer mode etc). This had been requested by users for using Factile at events such as science fairs, history days, or trade shows.
  • Bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance improvements


  • New Buzzer Mode. Teams each get a “buzzer button” on a mobile device or computer!
  • Click here for directions on how to use Buzzer Mode.
  • Enhanced Pro subscription management page in Settings
  • Added ability to print receipts for Pro subscriptions in Settings
  • Added “Business Pro” subscription option; includes Verification Mode and Private games
  • Click here to see the subscription options for Home/School and for Business
  • Updated code and database to improve performance.