You can create games and play them as Choice. When playing, participants will be given multiple answers to choose from. The first team to get the correct answer gets the points.

How to Play as Choice

After opening a game for play, click on Play as Choice.

When you open a Tile, all answer options will show (1 correct and 1-3 incorrect options).

For Business Pro. If you’re playing in Buzzer Mode, teams can choose their Answers directly from their device. All teams can answer and they can answer in any order. If teams answer correctly, they all can earn points.

How to Create a Multiple Choice Question

1. Click on a tile you want to edit.

2. In the Factile tab, enter your question and the correct answer in their appropriate boxes.

3. Go to Choice tab.

4. Enter up to three incorrect answers in the box provided.

5. Click Save when you’re finished.

A yellow dot will appear on tiles with a multiple choice question.

Mixed Question Types in Choice

In Choice Mode, you have the option to play using both standard Factile questions (just the question) and Choice questions (where participants chose from multiple answer choices).

This option mixes the question types so you can have both the standard Factile questions and also choice question types in one game.

1. Use this option by checking the “Mix Question Types in Choice” box on the Customize page under “Game Play Settings”.

2. Launch your game in Choice Mode.

If your tile doesn’t have multiple answer choices, it will display as a regular tile with just the question.