You can launch your games and play them as a Classic Memory game where players match Questions and Answer tiles. The game board features numbered tiles and players can select which tiles to “flip”. Each tile contains either a Question or an Answer. Players can flip tiles to view its content and match it with the corresponding Question or Answer tile.

How to launch a Memory game
1. After opening a game for play, click on Memory.

2. Select the number of teams that will play.

3. Select up to three 3 categories to use during the game.

3. Click Continue.

4. You can opt to play on Buzzer mode for this memory game. Click ‘Yes’ if you want to use buzzers to play the Memory game. Tip: Check out Buzzer Mode options here.

5. Select your team mascots and click ‘Begin Game’ to start playing.

Once the game starts, the Factile board will be displayed. The game board features a grid of numbered tiles that are turned face down. Players can select a tile to view its content. Each tile can either be a Question or Answer tile. As the tiles are opened, players must remember the position of the question tile and find the corresponding answer tile, or vice versa. If the correct answer tile has been selected, they remain face up and the score will be awarded to the team who matches the tile. If not, tiles will automatically flip face down again.

The tile will turn yellow after it has been flipped and its content has been displayed. The player can then choose another tile to match.

Tiles that do not match will have an “X” at the bottom of the Tile. Tiles that match will show a “check mark”.

Points can be awarded who correctly match a question tile to the corresponding answer tile.

Tiles that have been matched will now be displayed, as shown below.

Q/A Hint
Using the Q/A Hint button on the right side of the Factile Board will provide hints. Cards will show a small “Q” or “A” so players know which cards are Question tiles and which are Answer tiles.

Here’s a brief video tutorial on playing Factile Memory – Enjoy!