Customize the appearance, features, and settings of your game from the Customize page.

The “Customize” page allows you to configure the following:

Global versus Game-Specific Customization

There are two ways you can customize your games.

  1. Global Customization. This allows you to customize the game settings and apply them to all your games, unless a specific game has “Game Specific” settings turned on.
  2. Game-Specific Customization. When “Use Game Specific settings for this Game” is turned ON, the settings will apply to the game and “Global Customizations” will not apply to this game.

Activating Game-Specific Customization

When game-specific customization is activated, all settings will only apply to the selected game and all global customizations will not apply. To activate local settings for a game, select “Game-Specific Customization” tab from “Customize” page.

First, you have to select a game to which the local customizations will apply.

Flip the switch button on to use game-specific settings for the selected game.

Alternatively, you can use “Game Settings” while editing a game.

You can now start customizing the settings of the selected game.