You can share your game by using the share button at the top of each game on the My Games page or from the Edit page.

You can copy the game URL and share the link, email the link, or you can post the game directly to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and share via Remind or Google Classroom.

Sharing Options

There are 3 sharing options:

  • (Private) No one except me can play
  • Anyone with the “Link” can play
  • Anyone with the “SHARE PIN” can play

Tip: The receivers of the game link do not need a subscription to play the game or to use flashcards.

Anyone with the “SHARE PIN” can Play
Those receiving the link will also receive the PIN at the bottom of the pop-up message.

Choosing a Game Type
You can opt to share a game and let your participants play a specific game type. For instance, you can share the game as a classic Factile game or Flashcards.

Tip: If you don’t select a specific game type, all game types are enabled by default. This way, the participants who have access to the game will be able to choose a game type as they open the game link.

Embedding a Game
Click on the “Embed” option next to “Share Settings”.

Then choose your embed option and press “Copy code”.


  1. Default – Your user will have the option to play as a normal Factile game, as flashcards, or a memory or choice game.
  2. Factile – Opens play link directly for the user.
  3. Flashcards – Opens flashcards for your user.
  4. Choice-Opens your game as a Choice game.
  5. Memory – Opens your game as a memory game.

Paste the code in the body section of your website.