Use the Double Factile feature when you want to play two sequential games. This feature is helpful if you want to play two games in a row without setting up the teams or game mechanics again.

You can choose any of your games as your Double Factile and this game will launch as soon as the first game is finished. Double Factile will play the second game at 2x the points after the first game. When you’re done playing, you can choose the same game or any other game and set it up as your Double Factile.

Tip: You can select one Double Factile game at a time. If you wish to use another game as Double Factile, simply select the “D” icon on that game. The system will automatically disable the “D” icon on the previous Double Factile game. This ensures that there is only one game that is set as Double Factile at a time.

Tip: Make sure to enable Double Factile on your Game Settings. Turn this setting off to disable Double Factile or if you want to automatically skip playing the Double Factile game.

Setting up Double Factile

1. Go to Customize page and scroll down to “Game Play Settings”.

2. Enable Double Factile. Note: Make sure to enable this setting in order to play Double Factile games.

3. Go back to your My Games page.

4. Click on the icon (the “D” will turn yellow to denote it is enabled) to set a game as Double Factile. You only need to do this for the game you want to play as the second game at 2x the points.

How to Play Double Factile

From the My Games page, select any of the games you want to play first. Tip: Make sure to select any game that is not set as a Double Factile game.

At the end of your first game, a message will pop up asking if you want to continue with Double Factile. Click “Yes”. This will skip the Final Factile question for the first game and launch your second game.

As the second game is launched, all teams’ points will carry over into this game and the point value for all tiles is doubled.