When Event Mode is activated, up to 5 games will be played repeatedly using a pre-configured setup. This mode is intended for events such as a science fair or a trade show where topics are displayed to visitors to a “booth”. Event Mode makes it easy to repeatedly play games and engage visitors during the course of an event.

You can find the Event Mode settings on the “Customize” page. Use the options in Event Mode to preconfigure the number of teams, to play in Buzzer Mode, and/or to skip the Final Factile, and whether to select mascots once or multiple times.

  • Activate Event Mode. This option allows you to activate Event Mode.
  • Use Buzzer Mode: Players can use Buzzer Mode while in event mode. Players will connect to the game with a mobile device of their choice and “buzz in” to answer questions.
  • Skip Final Factile: Generally the Final Factile question will appear once all the tiles have been cleared; however, in Event Mode, you can chose to skip this final question for each game in your game sequence.
  • Play Final Factile of Last Game Only: This option allows you to display the Final Factile question after all the questions in your last game has been answered.
  • Select Mascots Once: Use this option to choose mascots once and the same mascots will be used for all games you play in Event Mode.
  • Run Multiple Games Sequentially: If running multiple games, enter the number of games you will run sequentially and then position those games to the top of the list shown using the up/down arrows. You can start playing by launching the first game in your sequence.

Make sure to “Save” when any changes are made.