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We are committed to providing a fun and engaging learning experience. The number of uses of Factile constantly amazes us and we love to hear about each and every one of them. We’ve heard about uses in the classroom, government, businesses, and even social occasions. We’ve seen review games on world geography, state capitals, languages, books, multiplication tables, calculus and much, much more. You can also use Factile to play guess to the song, guess the movie or other fun games for your classroom, parties and other occasions. What you can do is totally up to your own creativity.

There are three account levels in Factile: (1) Free, (2) Home/School Pro and (3) Business Pro. Learn more about the features included in each here.

Be sure to learn about creating a game, and how to play and score a game.

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Here is a detailed video overview (18 minutes), including some of the new remote learning features. Enjoy!

Here is a brief video tutorial – Enjoy!

Here is a brief overview of creating and editing games!

Here’s a brief video tutorial on using Flashcards – Enjoy!

Here’s a brief video tutorial on customizing your Factile game – Enjoy!

Here’s a brief video tutorial on playing the new Factile Memory classroom review game – Enjoy!