This section teaches you how to create, edit, and organize your Factile games. You will also learn about adding math equations, printing and copying games.

My Games Dashboard
As you sign in to, you will be directed to your My Games dashboard. The My Games dashboard allows you to do different things such as preview the games you have created, create or edit a game or copy a game and make it your own (available for Pro accounts). You can also go through all your games by sorting them or searching a list using keywords.

The My Games dashboard is also your organizer. All the games you have created are displayed in the My Games tab. You can also tag games as your favorite and easily access them in the Favorite Games tab or continue working on uncompleted games in your In-Progress Games. The Interactive Choice Dashboard allows you to track your participants’ progress as they play these games on their own. Finally, you can view all publicly available factile games in the Public Games tab, copy them and customize them as your own! You can learn how to organize your games into folders here.

The succeeding sections will show you different functions that you can do when you’re on the My Games page.

How do I create a game?
With Factile, you can create your own game from scratch and share it with your participants to play. Here’s how you can make a new game from the My Games dashboard:

1. Enter a unique name for your game by typing it in the box.

2. You may also enter a unique URL for your game. This URL can be used to identify your game and you can share the link with others to play. Click the Advanced Option to display the text box and enter a unique URL for your game. Note: When creating your unique URL, you need to enter a descriptive name with no spaces or special characters.

3. Click the Create Game button.

After the game is created successfully, you will be redirected to your Factile board. In this board, you will see empty categories and tiles. You can now start adding categories, questions and answers on the tiles per category.

You can have up to six categories per game. If you don’t want to use all of the categories, leave them blank. Any unused categories will not show during the game. Each category can have up to five tiles. Any unused tiles in an active category will be grayed out during the game.

Naming a Category
Provide a name to all your active categories. To do this, click on the category title and enter the name for that category. Note: If you don’t want to use all the categories, you can leave them blank. These unused categories will not be displayed during the game.

Copying a Category
You can also “Copy” a category from another game and use in your own game. To do this, you have to open the game where you want to copy a category and select the category. When copying a category, all the questions and answers of that category will be copied to your game as well.

Going back to your own game, paste the category you just copied.

You will be asked if you wish to confirm pasting the copied category. Please note that the content of the selected category will be overwritten with the pasted content. Select Yes, paste it! to confirm the action.

You will now see the pasted category in your board and all the questions that come with this category.

Deleting a Category
You can remove a category from your board by selecting Delete from the options. Please note that when you delete a category, all the tiles that come with it will be deleted as well.

Tips for Categories

  • Move Categories from one column to another by using the arrows at the bottom of each Category column on your Factile board.
  • Copy/Paste Categories from one game to another. Just click on the 3 dots at the top of each Category column to copy or paste categories on your board.
  • Delete a category. Just click on the 3 dots at the top of each Category column to delete a category.

Q & A Tiles
You need to enter a Question and Answer for a tile for that tile to display during the game. When a Question and Answer are both entered successfully for a tile, the points value will turn yellow on your Factile board (You can type a space in any Question or Answer that you want to display blank during the game).

Adding a Question and Answer on a tile
1. Click on an empty tile.
2. Enter the content for your tile in the pop-up that appears. You can type in your question and the correct answer in the space provided.

Tip: Upgrade your account to Pro to have advanced formatting features and to make your game more interactive by adding images, videos, and sounds on your question and answers.

3. Once you’ve entered your question and answer, click Save. Tip: When adding questions and answers on your tiles, you can use the arrows to save and advance to the next tile on the board.

Final Factile
After completing all of the game tiles, the game moves on to Final Factile. This is the last question of the game. Here’s how you can set up your Final Factile:

1. Click the Final Factile button to enter its contents.

2. (Optional) Select a category from the dropdown menu to add your Final Factile category.

3. Enter your Final Factile question and answer in the space provided.

4. Click Save.

Tip: Upgrade your account to Pro to have advanced formatting features and to make your game more interactive by adding images, videos, and sounds on your question and answers.

Uploading from a File
For Pro accounts, you can upload a comma-separated value (CSV) or Excel file instead of manually entering content into each tile. Here’s how you can do this:

1. Use the Upload from File option on the left side of the Factile board and choose the corresponding format of your file.

Tip: We have provided a template you can download and use to enter your game categories, questions and answers and save them in either CSV or excel format.

2. In the pop-up that appears, click Choose File to select the file from your computer.

3. Click the Upload button to load all your file’s content into the board.

Editing a Game
The Edit function lets you make changes to your games easily. Here’s how you can do it:

Go to My Games page and find a game you wish to edit. Note: You can only edit games you have created or tagged as favorite.

Select a game you want to edit and click the Edit button. When editing a game, you can make changes to the tiles’ contents and order, category names, or the arrangement of the categories on the board.

Click a tile if you wish to make any changes to its contents. You can change a tile’s question or answer. Make sure to click the Save button to apply the changes made.

You can also drag and drop Question / Answer tiles on the edit screen. This is a useful way to move Questions / Answers from one category to another or from one tile point value to another. Changes will save automatically.

Deleting a Game
To delete your game, click on the trash can icon in the side toolbar.

Display Options (Pro option only)
When editing, you can choose to see the point value, Questions, or Answers of the Tiles. You can also select to display tiles with multiple choices, hints, and bonus questions. This can be useful for seeing what content is in your game, or for easily finding the content you wish to update or change.

Tip: You can use the arrows to go through the display options.

Questions will show a preview of all the Questions you’ve entered into your Tiles and Answers will show the Answers.

Tip: Only text will appear when using the Questions or Answers display option. To view any pictures you’ve uploaded, you’ll need to open the individual Tile.


When editing, you can use the Preview function to check the way your Tile and Factile Board will look.

Once the board opens, you can select any tile to view the contents. Click See Answer to display the answer to the question.

You can preview the tile for a standard game, choice options and interactive choice options using the options on the left side of the board.

Press “Close” to return to editing mode.

Pro Subscriptions

Pro subscriptions can use Choice mode, which allows for multiple-choice options or enter bonus questions for the Quiz Bowl.


Once you enter the Question and Answer under Factile, you can choose to show multiple-choice options. Click on Choice to enter up to three Incorrect Answer options. This will display multiple-choice options on your Tile during game play.

Click Save when you’ve entered your options.

Learn more about playing as Choice here.

Quiz Bowl
The Quiz Bowl tab lets you add bonus questions that will be used when the game is played in Quiz Bowl mode. The bonus questions will be displayed only when the Quiz Bowl/Toss-up format is selected. You can add up to 3 bonus questions per tile.

Check out Quiz Bowl to find out more about this mode.

Content Authors (Pro subscription)

With your pro subscription, you can allow other people to create and edit your games. Allow up to 3 people with your Home/School pro subscription and up to 10 with your Business pro subscription. You can control which games they have access to and control whether they can create, edit, print, and/or delete games.

Manage Content Authors from the Accounts page. Read more here!