After completing all of the game tiles, the game moves on to Final Factile. This is the last question of the game.

You can also use the Final Factile button on the side of your game board to skip to the Final Factile question. This may be useful if you are short on time, but still want to play this Question.

Tip: Be sure you have entered a Final Factile Question before starting a game. You can learn how to enter a Final Factile question here.

Each team wagers points (from 0 to the maximum points the team has) for the Final Factile question.

1. Enter the wager for each team in the box that appears above the mascot.

You can use the Display option to show the teams who have entered a valid wager and those who have not. This is helpful if you have multiple teams playing the Final Factile question.

You can click the Wagered option to display all the teams who have entered a valid wager.

Click the Waiting option to display the teams who have not entered a valid wager.

The moderator can also opt to skip the wagers for the Final Factile question by clicking on the Skip Wagers.

2. Once all wagers are in, the Play Now button will appear. Press “Play Now” to show the Final Factile Question.

Tip: It helps to have each team write down their Final Factile answer that they will show when their turn is called. If you’re playing in Buzzer Mode, teams can write in their Answers from their devices.

Tip: If a team is disconnected while in Buzzer Mode, you can click on the mascot on your screen and enter a wager for the team.

3. After answers have been given, the moderator will click on the or on all teams’ podium.
4. The winner will be displayed.

Show Score at the End of the Game
At the end of the game, there is a “Show Scores” button that will display the final scores of each team.

You can see the base score, the Final Factile wager and the final score. You can also download the .csv file to track your team scores.