This section allows you to customize the following game settings:

  • Display Settings
  • Game Scoring Settings
  • Game Play Settings
  • Buzzer Mode Settings
  • 2nd Chance Buzz-In
  • Display Option on Participant’s Buzzer Device
  • Interactive Choice Mode
  • Timer Settings
  • Business Pro Modes
  • Multi-Member Teams

Display Settings

This section allows you to customize the display settings of your Factile board when playing.

  • Display exact case. This option allows you to display questions and answers using the case that you entered.
  • Display Question on Game Board Tile
  • Hide Category and Points on Question Tile. This option allows you to hide the category name with points on the question tile.
  • Display Answer Button. This option allows you to display the answer before scoring.
  • Turn off name tags
  • Play as Numbered Tiles instead of Jeopardy-style. This option displays numbers on the tiles from 1-30 instead of the points value.
  • Custom Notification. This option allows you to enter custom notifications for scoring and correct/incorrect answers.
  • Game Point Symbol. You can customize the point symbol and its location (i.e. 100$).
  • Custom points for rows. This option allows you to set custom points value for each row.
  • Custom Points for Quiz Bowl Questions (Business Pro Only). This option lets you customize the scoring mechanism for the Quiz Bowl mode. Here, you can set the point value for toss-up questions and bonus questions. For example, toss-up questions can be set as 20 points, Bonus Questions 1-3 will earn 15, 10, and 5 points, respectively.
  • Category Title Font Size. This option allows you to change the category name font sizes from small to larger.
  • Game Title Font Size. This option allows you to change the game title’s font sizes from small to larger.
  • Points Font Size. This option lets you set the font size for the point value.

Game Scoring Settings

This section lets you customize the scoring mechanism for your games.

  • Positive Score Mode. When in this mode, the “X” does not subtract points during scoring. This is useful for cases where the user wants to award points for a correct answer and not subtract points for a wrong answer. This can help if students hesitate to answer because they are afraid of losing too many points for the wrong answer.
  • Play Memory Game With 100 Points. This option scores all tiles as 100 points.

Game Play Settings

This section allows you to customize the following settings:

1. Double Factile. This option lets you play a sequential second game with 2 times the points. Learn how to set up and playing a double factile game here.

2. Daily Double. When using Daily Double, tiles will be selected to award double the amount shown on the tile if the correct answer is provided. Learn how to set up Daily Double questions here.

3. Tutor Mode. Adds a “Reset Game” button to the left side of the game board and allows the moderator to restart the game from the beginning.

4. Show Skip Question Button. This option displays the Skip Question button on your game board. This is helpful if you want to skip a question without deducting points.

5. Skip Final Factile. This option lets you skip the Final Factile round. Instead, when the game is finished, the final scores will be displayed and the winner will be announced.

6. Play Uploaded Sound in Questions/Answers Automatically. When enabled, added sounds to a question or answer will be played automatically. Here are some tips on how to add sounds to your questions or answers.

7. Mix Question Type in Choice. When this option is enabled, questions containing no wrong answers will be displayed like factile mode.

8. Allow Multiple Teams to Answer. This option allows multiple teams to answer one question. All teams who give the correct answer will be awarded the points.

9. Display Answer before Question. This option displays the answer to the previous question before showing the next factile question.

10. Enter Wager for Final Factile after Question is Displayed. This option lets players enter their wagers after seeing the factile question.

11. Show Final Factile Category Hint at Wager Time. When a hint is entered, this will be displayed before the players enter their wagers for the Final Factile round.

12. Start Thinking Music after the Reader Timer Countdown is Finished. The timer music begins once a tile is opened; however, you can choose to delay the start of the music until after the Reading Timer has finished. A buzzer will activate at the end of the Reading Timer and then the music will start as well.

Buzzer Mode

The Buzzer Mode allows users to “buzz” into a game from a mobile device or computer. You can use Buzzer Mode in all play modes and in event mode.

The Buzzer Mode has plenty of settings you can customize to your needs or liking.

  • Prompt Buzzer Player to Enter Individual Name. Players will be prompted to enter their names as they join a game. Their names will be displayed on their devices as they play the game.
  • Users Can Join Buzzer Mode after Game Begins. This lets a player join the game after it begins.
  • Allow Buzzer Players to Edit their Team Names. When playing with multiple teams, this is helpful to easily identify the teams/players who are participating in the game.
  • Use Buzzer for Final Factile Question
  • Enter Final Factile Answer. This lets your players enter their final factile answer during a buzzer game.
  • Enter Answer After Buzz. This allows players to enter their answers only after buzzing in.
  • Automatically Display Team’s Answer
  • Only Allow the Team Member who Buzzes In to Answer. This lets all players in a team who buzzes in to answer a question during a game.
  • Display Choice Answers on Main Screen in Buzzer Mode
  • Press-Buzzer/Select-Answer Before Timer Expires in Buzzer mode
  • Manually enable/disable the buzzer. When enabled, you can customize the settings for the timer, the music, and the maximum buzz-ins per try.

Tip: Learn more about Buzzer mode games here.

2nd Chance Buzz In

When enabled, this option lets other teams buzz in if the first team answers incorrectly. This way, they can steal the points for their team. You can also set the number of 2nd chance buzz-ins per question. For example, in a game of 5 teams, 2 chances to steal the points can be given.

Display option on Buzzer Device

There are several display options that can be set before you can begin a Buzzer game:

  • Question and Buzzer. Best used when the students are playing from small devices like iPhones.
  • Gameboard, Question and Buzzer. Best used when the students are playing from Chromebooks, tablets or computers. This displays the game board on the left side of the screen and the buzzer on the right side. This allows your students to play from home to see the game board on their computer or tablet while playing in Buzzer Mode.
  • Buzzer Only. Best used when you are playing in a classroom set-up where you have the gameboard and the questions displayed on a big screen. Only the buzzer is displayed on the players’ devices.

Interactive Choice Mode

This section allows your players to play in Interactive Choice mode. When enabled, participants can play on their own and as a moderator, you can track monitor their progress using analytics and leaderboards.

Tip: Learn about Interactive Choice mode and how to monitor your students’ progress.

There are a few settings you tweak for your Interactive Choice games:

1. Protect with Pin: This will require participants to use a PIN code you create in order to join your game.

2. Display Joker Cards: It will display joker cards that allow players three options for hints.

How do Joker Cards work during the Game?
Joker Cards will give a hint to participants. With 3 cards in total, participants can use up to 3 hints during their game session.

  • 50-50: will narrow down options to 50-50 options. If your choice question has 4 answer choices, this card will reduce the number to 2 answer choices.
  • Audience Poll: will simulate taking a poll from an audience and provide an accurate hint to the player.
  • Phone a friend: will simulate asking another person and provide an accurate hint for the player.

3. Display Answer Hint upon Incorrect Answer: If participants select an incorrect answer, an answer hint will automatically be displayed for them.
4. Allow user to pause game: Participants can pause the game.
5. Play with a Timed Game Session: This allows the students to play the game anytime until the set game session expires.
6. Question Timer On/Off: You can enable/disable timer for reading the question.
7. _Display Game Time Countdown on Participant’s Scree_*: The game’s timer will be displayed on the participant’s screen.

  • How many wrong answers result in the game ending: You can set how many wrong answers can be given before the game ends.
  • Customize Timer Countdown. Allows you to set the time allowed for reading the question.
  • Set Duration of the game for a Timed Game Session (DD:HH:MM): Allows you to set the duration of the game session. For example, if you set the duration for 30 minutes, the game will be available for 30 minutes and the participants can join and play the game within that period. Once the time is finished, the game link will expire and players will no longer be able to play the game.
  • Interactive Choice Game Timer (HH:MM): This sets a time limit for the game and the participants need to complete a game within this period.

Timer Settings

The Timer Settings let you customize the timer options for your game. There are four types of timers:

  • Countdown Timer. When enabled, players or teams can provide their answers until everyone has buzzed in or until the timer runs out.
  • Reading Timer. When enabled, players are given a period of time to read the question before they can buzz in. This option is helpful to allow members of the team to discuss their answers before they press the buzzer.
  • Final Factile Timer. When enabled, players must provide their answer to the Final Factile question before the time expires.
  • Answer Timer. In a Buzzer Mode game, the player needs to answer the question within a given time after pressing the buzzer.

The following are timer settings that you can customize:

  • Timer On/Off. This option lets you enable the countdown timer of your game.
    • Customize Timer Countdown Time. Set your countdown timer and click “Save” to confirm changes.
  • Reading Timer On/Off. You can use a “reading timer” to give players a set time to read the Question before they can buzz in. This is useful if you’re playing in Multi-member mode and wish to ensure your teams have time to discuss their answer before they buzz in.
    • Customize Reading Timer Countdown Time. Set your reading timer countdown and click “Save” to confirm changes.
  • Final Factile Timer On/Off. Enable this option to use a timer for the Final Factile Question.
    • Customize Final Factile Timer Countdown Time. You can set how many seconds you want to allow for teams to answer the question.
  • Answer Timer On/Off. When enabled, a player must provide the answer before the Answer timer expires.
    • Customize Answer Timer Countdown Time. Set your answer timer and click “Save” to confirm changes.
  • Automatically mark incorrect answer upon timeout. When enabled, all incorrect answers will be marked after timer expires.

Business Pro Modes

1. Verification Mode: This is useful when using games for training purposes and ensuring participants have completed the training.
After a game is completed, a pop up will appear with a message certifying that the player has reviewed each question and answer. The user will type in their name and click Submit to email the certificate to the administrator of the game. The player can also Print the certificate.

2. Manage Teams in Separate Window: Manage teams in a separate window from your game.

Click on the “Manage Teams” button during the game and you can display all of the teams on one screen. You can then switch back and forth between the Teams page and game board.

You can also display the Teams page on a separate page or different computer or even in another location. To do this, turn on “Manage Teams in Separate Window” on the Customize page.

Launch your game and select “Manage Teams” and you will get a URL and PIN to connect to the Teams window from another window.

3. Remote View: This allows you to share screens with players who are playing from a remote location.

4. Make Games Private: Prevent your game from being searchable under Public Games. Only you and people you share the game with will be able to access it.

5. Prevent Copying of Games: This option keeps your content secure by preventing anyone from copying a game to their own account.

6. Continuous Play Mode (Interactive Choice): In an Interactive Choice game, the Continuous Play button will be displayed after the player submits the game or after the “Interactive Choice Game Timer” expires and allows your player to replay the game.