Entering Math Equations

You can use the equation button under the Question and Answer box or type the equation directly into the Question and Answer boxes. Enter equations using LaTeX syntax. Click the link below for LaTeX reference.

Entering Equations into the Equation Editor
Equations must be entered in the proper format to show up in the equation editor. You can see a preview of what your equation will look like in your game as you type it out.

Press Save when you’ve finished adding or editing your equations.

Adding Equations Directly into Question/Answer boxes

Add equations directly into the Question and Answer boxes by using LaTeX between $#$ delimiters (eg $#$\pi r^2$#$).

Your Answer is “Area of a circle”.

Use $##$ delimiters to put equations on its own line.
Ex: Your question might be “Pi times the radius squared is $##$\pi r^2$##$”. Using $##$ instead of $#$ will move the equation to the next line.

Tip: To display chemical formulas or biology diagrams, enter the formula or diagram into your favorite editor (eg: Microsoft Word) and then take a screenshot or photo and upload the image as the Question or Answer.

For more info on the syntax, please visit here!