The Interactive Choice mode allows participants to play on their own and the moderator of the game can track their progress. This is a great option for asynchronous learning styles where students learn or review their materials at their own time and pace. The Interactive Choice mode is also helpful for remote-learning set-ups where students are doing self-paced activities and training.

Note: Interactive Choice does not require a moderator. Individual players can play in a timed or continuous play scenario.

How do I Set up a Game for Play?

1. Launch your game from the My Games page.

2. Select the option Play as Interactive Choice. This will launch your Interactive Choice Dashboard.

Note: Your game should have incorrect answers already added to your Answer options. Use the “Choice” tab when creating or editing your game to add incorrect Answer options. Learn more about creating a Choice game here

3. Press Start Game when you’re ready for the session to begin.

4. Share the link with your players so they can start playing the game.

How to play an Interactive Choice Game

1. Players will connect to your game through the Join Game link.

2. They will be prompted to enter their name and then choose a mascot.

3. After choosing an avatar, their Factile board will be shown and the player can begin playing.

Interactive Choice Dashboard

The Interactive Choice Dashboard lets you manage all your Interactive Choice games. It also allows you to track your participants’ progress as they play these games on their own.

You can click All Active Games to view all active and ongoing Interaction Choice mode games. These games are still open for your participants to join and play. You can do different things to manage these games, such as:

1. Leaderboard: Use the leaderboard to see how individual participants are doing and how they are ranking.

You can also export the Leaderboard to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

2. Analytics: Use this function to view a breakdown of the gameplay including players’ answers and time spent for each question.

You can also export the Analtyics report to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

3. Rename. Click the button to rename your Interactive Choice game.

4. Share. Use this to share the game link with your participants.

You can share your game link in different ways. You can copy the game link and share it with your participants, send the link via email, or share it via social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest), Google Classroom or Remind.

5. Stop Game: Use this to deactivate a game. Note that once a game has been deactivated, the participants can no longer continue playing it.

6. Delete: Use this to permanently remove an Interactive Choice game from your account.

You can click Stopped Games to view Interactive Choice Games that have been deactivated. Here, you can still access certain features such as the Leaderboard and Analytics report.

You can also re-activate the game and share it with your participants to play. Once a game is restarted, it will be moved back to the All Active Games section.

Interactive Choice Settings

When playing Interactive Choice, you can customize your timer, joker cards, answer hints settings through the “Interactive Choice Mode” section on the “Customize” page.

Tip: Learn about Interactive Choice Settings and how to customize your game

Alternatively, you can access some of the game settings in the Interactive Choice dashboard when you launch the game.

Joker Cards
When enabled, Joker Cards will give a hint to participants. With 3 cards in total, participants can use up to 3 hints during their game session.

  • 50-50: will narrow down options to 50-50 options. If your choice question has 4 answer choices, this card will reduce the number to 2 answer choices.
  • Audience Poll: will simulate taking a poll from an audience and provide an accurate hint to the player.
  • Phone a friend: will simulate asking another person and provide an accurate hint for the player.