In standard games, each tile’s worth is listed. When using Daily Double, you can double the value of some tiles and award it to the player who provides the correct answer. For example, if a tile is worth $400, Daily Double will make the tile worth $800. This is a good way to add a challenge to your game.

During your game, the tile will make a special sound when opened and the background of the question will be a different color.

Select either the “Check” mark or the “X” on the team podium to award points. The point value will automatically be adjusted.

How to Enable Daily Double

1. Turn on “Daily Double” on the Customize page.

2. Choose the type of Daily Double you would like – either Select or Random.

Select will let you choose which tiles you want to have the Daily Double. Random will surprise you with a Daily Double tile during your game.

If you choose Select, then choose the Daily Double tile by clicking the “DD” in the top corner of that tile (the selected DD will turn yellow). Click Select again to unselect the tile.