You can upload your game logo and this will appear on your active Factile games. This option is useful if you want to add the logo of your school, company, etc.

Tip: The logo must be a .png/.jpg/.jpeg file and the filename should contain letters and numbers only (ie: no special characters).

How to Upload your Logo

From the Customize page, select the Logo tab.

Click the ‘Upload Logo’ and follow the prompts to select and upload the image file from your device.

The logo will be displayed when it is successfully uploaded.

Once your image file has been uploaded, you can select where in the Factile board it will be displayed. You may also give your logos a name for easy reference. This is helpful if you upload multiple logos. You can also remove a logo from your list by clicking on the x found at the top left corner of your logo file.

Below is an example of a logo as displayed on the board.