You can upload your own images to use as Mascots.

Tip: Your mascot image file should either be in JPEG or PNG format and the filename should only contain letters and numbers (no special characters).

On the Customize page, go to the Mascots tab.

Click “+” to upload a new image from your computer. A preview of your mascot will appear when the upload is successful.

A preview of your mascot appears after a successful upload. Note that you can upload multiple image files and you can manage these images on the same page.

Here are the things you can do to customize the mascots you are using:

  • Name your mascots . Enter the mascot name just below the image and press Enter to save.
  • Activate/Deactiveate . If you no longer want your mascot to be an active choice for selection, click on the “Active” button to deactivate it. You can use the ‘Deactivate All’ button to easily deactivate all custom mascots you have uploaded. Once a mascot has been deactivated, it will not show as an option in the Mascots page before starting a game.

Users can opt to hide some of the standard Factile mascots so they don’t show as an option when selecting mascots before the game. Click on the button next to the category to activate/deactivate it. The button turns yellow when it gets deactivated.

Pro Subscription. You can also select to only show their custom Mascots and not the built-in Mascots on the “Choose Team Mascots” page before starting a game.

Editing Mascot Names in Buzzer Mode

When playing in Buzzer Mode, participants can edit their own mascot names from their own devices.

To allow this, enable “Allow Buzzer Teams to Edit their Name” on the Customize page under the “Buzzer Mode” section.

Editing Mascot Names as a Player

You can edit your mascot name as a player. You can do this during the mascot selection. Click the icon and in the pop-up that appears, enter the name you want to use for your mascot.

Editing Mascot Names as The Moderator

As the moderator, you can also edit mascot names during play. Click the “Manage Teams” button to open the Team Management page.

On the Team Management page, click the team name field to edit.

Editing Names for Pre-configured Teams

After you’ve created a team collection, you can edit the team names prior to playing. This option is useful if you have a class or group of participants that play often. Read more about creating pre-configured teams here.

In the Saved Team Collection section on the Customize page, select the “Manage” icon next to the team collection you want to edit.

Click the team name and enter the new name.

Click ‘Save’ to confirm the changes.