You can add images, videos, and sounds to your game when you create or edit a game.

Adding Images to your Game

1. Click on a Tile to edit the Question and Answer.

2. Select the Upload Image icon below the “Question” or “Answer” fields.

3. Click the picture button to upload an image. You can drag and drop pictures from your computer. Important Note: Files can only be uploaded using the Upload option. Images cannot be copied and pasted into your Question/Answer! When adding images, filenames must only include letters and numbers.

When the file uploads successfully, you’ll be able to see a preview of your image. You can remove an uploaded image by clicking the delete button.

Your Tile will display the image during game play.

Adding Multiple Images (Business Pro only)

This feature allows you to add multiple images to your Tile in either the Question, Answer, or both.

Open the Tile you wish to add more than one image to. You’ll see a thumbnail of the current image uploaded.

Upload your file or drag and drop it from your computer. You’ll see a preview of your additional images after you’ve uploaded each one.

You can reorder your images using the arrows and then press Save when you’ve finished.

When playing, your Tile will display arrows. Use these to scroll between the images you’ve uploaded.

Adding Video Links

Adding a video to any of your Tiles as part of the Question, Answer, or both.

Tip: Videos should be uploaded onto YouTube or Vimeo first.

If you’re using a YouTube video, you can check the box to hide the title of the video during game play. This will display just the video.

Once you’ve added your video link, click Save.

Adding a Sound Clip

You can also add an audio file to your Tile. Important Note. Files should be .mp3 file types.