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Play Overview:
This is a jeopardy-style game. Check out the following video tutorial for playing Factile!

There are two key roles in Factile:

  • Moderator – this person manages the gameplay.
  • Teams – there can be up to 5 teams in a game (up to 100 teams in Pro). Each team may have as many team members as desired.

1. The game will show the Factile board with all the Tiles.
2. Click on the Tile you want to play to open the question. Ex: Presidents for $200
3. The Moderator monitors which Team raises their hand first (or play in “Buzzer Mode” if you have a Pro subscription and each team can “hit the buzzer” when ready to answer).

Tip: You can allow anyone on the team to answer or elect a team leader to raise their hand.

4. The selected Team answers the question.
5. The Moderator determines whether the Team answer is correct or incorrect. If correct, the Moderator clicks on the “Check Mark”. If incorrect, the Moderator clicks on the “X”.
5. If the team answers incorrectly, the Question is open for other teams to provide the Answer.
6. After clicking the “Check Mark” for a correct Answer or all teams have provided an incorrect answer (Moderator has clicked “X” for all teams), the game will show the answer and adjust the team score based on the Tile amount.
Alternatively, the Moderator can click “Skip / “See Answer” to not score that particular question and advance the game to show the answer.
7. Once all the tiles have been played, the Final Factile will appear.
8. After all teams offer their answer, click the “Check Mark” or “X” on all teams’ podium.
9. The team with the most points wins.

With your Pro subscription, you can play in Buzzer Mode, play additional game types, play flashcards, share games and flashcards, and use many additional Factile features such as Daily Double, music, images, videos, equations and more.

Game Types

Pro Playing and Scoring Features

  • Buzzer Mode
  • Daily Double
  • Show Answer before Score
  • Display Answer before Question
  • Answer before Timer (if On) Expires for Choice Devices (CHOICE)
  • Show Final Factile Category Hint at Wager Time
  • Positive Score Mode
  • Play Memory Game with 100 Points
  • Double Factile

With your Business Pro Subscription, you can play with additional Features such as Event Mode.