How to Open Your Factile Game

All the games you have created are displayed in the My Games tab. You can go through your My Games list and select a game to play.

1. Click “Play” under the game you want to play.

2. Choose the game style. For Basic accounts, you can only play the Jeopardy-style game. Tip: Upgrade your account to Pro so you can choose from different game styles such as Flashcards, Choice, Quiz Bowl, Interactive Choice and Memory.

3. Choose the number of teams playing.

If you have a Pro account, select Yes/No to use Buzzer Mode. Buzzer Mode lets participants “Buzz in” from a mobile device or computer.

3. Choose a mascot to represent the teams. You can also use the Auto Select button to automatically assign the mascots to each team.

Tip: Use the Display All button to choose mascots by category.

Mascot Categories:

  • Shark
  • Dinosaurs
  • Friendly Fruit
  • Vanquishing Vegetables
  • Super Safari Animals
  • Amazing Arctic Animals
  • Sensational Sea Creatures
  • Avatars
  • Professional Human Avatars

Tip: Change mascot names to French, German or Spanish names.

4. When you’re ready, press “Begin Game”.

How do I Play?

Tip: Click the button in the top right corner to expand into full-screen mode.

1. Click a tile to play.

This will display the question. When the question appears, the timer will start (if you don’t want the timer, you can turn it off before starting the game).

Tip: You can click on an image in a question or answer to make it full screen. Click on it again to shrink to normal size.

2. Teams will elect to provide their answer. The first team to raise their hand can have a chance to answer the question.

3. The team answers and the Moderator determines whether the Team’s answer was correct or incorrect. If correct, the Moderator clicks on the on the team podium. If incorrect, the Moderator clicks on the .

If the answer is correct, the value of the tile will be automatically added to the team’s score. If the answer is incorrect, the value of the tile will be deducted from the team score.

4. After the moderator selects either the or , the game will show the answer.

Tip: Click “Skip / See Answer” in the top right corner of the screen to skip scoring the question and show the answer. This is useful if none of the teams raise their hand to answer.

5. Once all the Tiles have been opened, the Final Factile question will appear. All teams will provide their answer and the winner will be displayed automatically.

Adjusting Scores

Points are automatically awarded when the moderator scores the question; however, you can manually adjust team scores by using the and buttons to adjust a team’s score.

Show Score at the End of the Game

At the end of the game, there is a “Show Scores” button that will display the final scores of each team.

You can see the base score, the Final Factile wager and final score. You can also download the .csv file to track your team scores.


You can change the language of your games from the top right corner of the My Games page.

Supported languages include: Arabic, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin.

Pro Subscription Features

  • Display Answer Button
  • Display Answer before Question
  • Skip Question without Showing Answer
  • Show Final Factile Category Hint at Wager Time
  • Positive Score Mode
  • Play Memory Game with 100 Points
  • Leader Board

Playing with More than 5 Teams

Your game will show 5 of your teams at a time.

If you have more than five teams playing a game, you can use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to see the other teams.

Positive Scoring Mode

This mode will not deduct points if the answer is incorrect. This is useful if you don’t want to discourage players from answering due to fear of losing points.

  1. When the Moderator clicks on the , the game advances to display the answer and the score is adjusted if points are awarded. If the incorrect answer is provided, the moderator will still select the ; however, the team score will not change.
  2. Once the correct answer has been provided, or all teams have provided an incorrect answer and the answers have been scored accordingly, the answer will display and the game will advance.

What is the difference between Skip/See Answer and See Answer/Score?

Both buttons will display the answer, but Skip/See Answer will skip the scoring for that Question whereas See Answer/Score will show the Answer and allow you to score that Question by clicking on the “Check Mark” or “X”. Note that See Answer/Score will “toggle” between displaying the Question and the Answer each time you click the button.

Global and Game-Specific Settings

There are two ways you can customize your games.

  1. Global Customization. This allows you to customize the game settings and apply them to all your games, unless a specific game has “Game Specific” settings turned on.
  2. Game-Specific Customization. When “Use Game Specific settings for this Game” is turned ON, the settings will apply to the game and “Global Customizations” will not apply to this game.

Read more about customizing settings for your games here.

Leader Board

This function will show you the top 10 scores for the game in ranking order. Click the icon to view the Leader board of a game.

The Leader board features the following tabs:

  • My Account: This shows the leaderboard for all the games played by the account owner.
  • All Users: This shows the leaderboard that includes other users playing the game (i.e. for games that are shared).
  • Played Games: This shows the scores for previously played games.

This is an example view of a “My Account” leaderboard. Note that if you’re in a multi-member game mode, you can click the “Members” button to view the players for each team.

This is an example view of an “All Users” leaderboard.

This is an example view of the “Played Games” tab that shows the scores for previously played games. You can click on the “More” button to display more details about the game such as the players information, wagers, scores, etc.

You can also download the results as a CSV file and track progress over a period of time.

Tip: You can also reset the ranking if you wish.