CompuDance does recommend you set up your private lessons as classes. You can set up each class individually if it is recurring, or 1 class marked as privates for each teacher.

Class Set up

We suggest you set up a special class type as Private. When a student is enrolled in the Private class, you will see it in their class count number and listed in the enrolled classes.
You could also have Duo and Trio, group class types if you wish. You will also set the Status of this class as Do Not Show so only the studio will enroll in this class.

If you wish to allow online enrollment to be offered with a Private Class offering, you can set a ‘Bucket class’ for this offering.

Since most studios charge a different rate from their tuition for the private classes you would not check the Is Billable check box for this class type. If the Is Billable checkbox is not marked, the class will not be included in any tuition calculations.
For Example: If a student takes 3 regular classes and is enrolled in the Private class.In the student grid you will see the Class number as 4, but the tuition will only be calculated on the 3 classes that are marked billable.


Some studios will schedule a recurring private lesson for a set time period. If you do this, you can create the class as you normally would and enter the schedule like a normal class. It will be placed on the calendar for the day and time you select.

Other studios will schedule a Private as needed. When setting up your private class for an as needed scheduling, you will not check off the day of the week the class will meet. The time range also will not be pertinent.This will prevent any calendar scheduling at this time, but will allow the student to be enrolled in the class for this season.

Scheduling Individual Date Class

When you wish to have this class scheduled, you can go to the Home page/Calendar. Right click anywhere on the background of the large calendar. Click Schedule New Class. Select the season, class and complete the other information. Then click Update.

  • The studio will then see the class scheduled on the calendar. It will also be reflected under the class in the Class Day Time tab.
  • If you have Teacher portals and the teacher is assigned to the class, they will see it on their calendar.
  • If you have parent portals, the parent/student will see it on their calendar.
  • The teacher and the student can also have notifications set to alert them of the scheduled class.


Each school invoices privates in different ways. Some may sell them in advance individually or in a package. Some may make them pay at each class. Some may invoice after the class is held. Some may set the price in the Tuition rate.(Flat rate tuition only.)

You can sell the Private lessons in packages or as Punch Card style. In order to do so, you would set up an income category and charge it at the time of the sale.

You can invoice the privates after the fact, by using a different income category other than Tuition. You can do it each date the private is held or in one invoice for multiple meetings. You may use the quantity to set the number of times met in the period entered.

If you wish to invoice your privates in a different way, please call us to discuss your options.

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