This report will allow you to search specific student classes in a date range and give full details on any notes entered for the attendance records. You can filter for a specific, class, student, teacher, day of the week or venue and more!

To see any attendance issues in your studio you can run this report. A video below shows how to use this report.

Go to Report – Attendance Reports – Master Class Attendance Report
This report will bring back all attendance records for the Start and End Date time period you enter.

You can filter, sort and group the data in any way you wish. Column order can also be changed. This report is also exportable.

There is more data than what is initially visible, use the horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the window or tab accross the filter boxes to see them.

The data retrieved include:

  • Day Order (This column can be used to sort the classes by Day of the week they are scheduled Monday – Sunday. (Monday=1, Tuesday=2, …Saturday=6, Sunday=7)
  • Day Name -The Days of the week the class is scheduled for.
  • Time Range – The Start and end time the class is scheduled for.
  • Class Name
  • Teacher – Teacher the class is scheduled with.
  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Attendance – The Attendance Status marked for this class student
  • Count – Number of times this status is marked for this class student
  • Dates – The specific dates this attendance status was marked for this class student.
  • Comments – Any comments that were noted on these dates. It will list the date and the comment. If the student has been marked as ending or ended enrollment a comment will be seen with the end date noted as such.
  • Room – The room the class is scheduled to occur
  • Family Name – So you can search for a specific families attendance.
  • Status – The student’s status in the school (Active or Inactive)

Video creating the Master Class Attendance Report

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