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To begin, we would like to stress how important your web browser is.
Some browsers will not allow particular functions to complete. They may also display the screens incorrectly.
Since Google Chrome is a free download on any device we have designed our software to work with this browser.
We have also Approved use of Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 and FireFox


When you look at our system you should see your Studio logo, a Welcome message to the user and a drop down option for the School you are in.

If you have multiple school databases, you can just switch between them using the school drop down.

The Main Menu is under your Studio Logo.
You can select the section you wish to go to at anytime. Some of the data is represented under multiple section but in a different view.

If you see the Plus sign or you can click it to see more details about the item that it is in front of.
If you see the word Edit , you may click it to edit the main data that is displayed in most tables.

Filter Boxes
When you see a row of blank boxes, these are called filter boxes. They are not for data entry.

You may filter the data displayed below by entering in search criteria in that column’s filter box. The system will only display data that matches the entered search criteria.

Sort the data
You can sort the data displayed by clicking the column header that you want to sort by. If you click it once, it will sort acsending. If you click it again it will sort descending.

Export Tabs
Many tables and reports through the system allow you to Export the data to utilize outside of the system.
You can Export to:
PDF – For printing/save only. You are not able to edit or change format.
XLS (excel worksheet) – You can edit the spreadsheet. If you grouped the data, the group will still exist in the download.
XLSX (newer version of excel) – You can edit the spreadsheet. If you grouped the data, the group will still exist in the download.
RTF (rich text format) – This is used for importing into word processing or another database.
CSV (comma separated value) – This is used for importing into word processing or another database.

XLS is probably the easiest to work with after the export. Easier to see the data in columns, can perform functions.

Add buttons
Most areas have an Add button in the top right corner. When you click the Add button, you will see a form open to create a new item for the data table you are viewing.

Update or Cancel
When you see a data entry form- you either hit an Add button or Edit. After you enter or edit the data in the form, you must chose to Update the form to Save the changes or Cancel to not save the changes entered.

Grouping Reports
In some data lists you will see a row above the column headers stating “Drag a column header here to group by that column”
This means that you can group the data by any column you wish.
*To Group. *
Click on the column header you want to group by.
Hold down the click and drag your pointer up to the row that says,“Drag a column header here to group by that column”.
You should see a ghost of the column header move with your mouse pointer. Let go of the click button when the ghost columnis in that row.
The data should instantly become one row for each change in data for the column header selected.
Typically you will see a plus sign to see the details for the group.

Examples when to Group
You will need to group the Family Ledger Report either by Family Name or Student Name prior to sending out statements. You group by Family Name to send Family Statements. You group by Student Name to send Student Statements. You may also decide to group this report for other reasons. Maybe you want to see how certain payments were applied for a particular family. In order to do so, enter the date range the payment was made to the date applied or today. Then group by the Payment Information column.

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