Version 2.7 of Kramer Control is intended to improve overall stability with our Brains, our Device Drivers and Zoom Rooms. Also included in this release is a new feature called Deep Linking which allows you to use a URL to open a specific interface and page inside any browser on the same network as the Brain.

Version 2.7.1 of Kramer Control was released for Android. We resolved an issue where Android 12 devices would not open the application

KC Server Brains
If you have a KC Brainware 5/25/50 unit and are looking to update the Brain versions running on the machine you will need to execute to commands

  1. kramer docker pull brain
  2. kramer docker update_all brains

New Features

Deep Linking



  • Corrected issue where SL Brains would get stuck in a red activating state upon restart of the hardware or the Brain service
  • Corrected issue with Daily Events not executing reliably
    • If the Brain ever changed state from online to offline, the daily events would not execute unless a new publish was made
  • Corrected issue where an AMQP outage can cause Brains to unprovisioned
    • This is not an unprovision on the server, just locally on the hardware
  • Corrected issue with TELNET connections not communicating with the Brain properly and sending extra \x00 characters


  • Corrected issue where copying and pasting gateways would not remove existing gateway information and cause crash on publish or provision
  • Corrected issue where duplicating a Project or Space will break navigation actions inside Macros and/or Events
  • Corrected issue where macros are not executed on copied interface widgets

Client Applications

  • Corrected issue where the iOS and Android applications were not getting navigation actions scheduled within events if the application was backgrounded
  • Corrected issue where the last page was not saved when iOS or Android applications were moved to background
  • Corrected issue where the express mode login screen looked cut off when using Android device

Device Driver Editor

  • Added the capability to use keyboard-interactive SSH communication
  • Added more information to save failed message if unnamed state references exist within a device driver


  • Corrected an issue where programmers in China could create a new project due to Google Map api being used

Zoom Rooms

  • Corrected an issue where the end user could not join a calendar scheduled meeting
  • Corrected an issue where the end user could not start a calendar scheduled meeting
  • Corrected an issue where customers with a large contact list would cause a long wait time for the widget to be usable on page or overlay open
  • Corrected an issue where using Meet Now or Leave Meeting caused the widget to get stuck in a loading screen
  • Corrected an issue where the gateway would not reconnect to the Zoom Rooms controller, if that controller is restarted

Known Issues and Changes with this version

  • Updating to iOS 15 will require that Kramer Control is updated to minimum 2.5.0 version
  • Using system navigation within Events will keep that navigation event stored until reset
    • If you have a Global Event that tracks a custom state to send a navigation event, the interface will always load the page last visited based on this event. If you need to always open the home page, make sure to include navigation or set custom state values within initialization or other button presses
  • Zoom Rooms no longer queries the phone book automatically. We have added the Query contact list command as a command within the driver, which can be added to a macro, event or button press. This is a parameter based command so you will want to limit the query to the number of contacts that exists within the Zoom Rooms phonebook of the customer
  • The Zoom Rooms device will require a subscribe phonebook command before sending the Query Contact list in order to update the Online/Offline state of the contact
    • Zoom Rooms limits this subscription to the first 500 contacts
  • Using the Query Contact List as a User Input value while using an Android device will cause the Android widget to reconnect and show blank values
Revision: 3
Last modified: 19 November 2021


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