This page is dedicated to issues that we are currently aware of. They are broken out based on where they occur in the platform. If there is a known work-around it will listed as well. As we fix the issues we will update this list by removing fixed issues.

Current Known Issues


  • Calendar Credential Verification – Any email can be entered when verifying a credential and still get Authorization Success.
  • Clear Fields using delete key – If Exchange Username & Password are entered you cannot use the delete button to clear the fields. * Work around – undo the text using the mouse
  • Permission pop-up acting incorrectly – Can appear or not appear at the proper times and can show the improper permissions
  • Switching between projects with different roles can present incorrect options – If you switch between projects that you have different roles (OWNER vs ADMIN) you may see incorrect options for the roles. You may see the ability to un-provision or other options that you actually do not have access to.
  • Publishing All References button – Appears Blue and clickable anytime you reload the Manager. This is so that you can publish the space even if you have not made any changes.
  • Re-ordering reference spaces inside manager prompts a sync when the selected reference is dropped in its new place


  • Publishing to Brains that have not been updated to a minimum version of 2.2.2 will not show published changed
    • You will need to update your Brain to a minimum version of 2.2.2
  • Publishing to older Brain versions brings up ‘Manage Updates’ pop-up, however, upon clicking the button it can take up to 15 seconds before the navigation happens.
  • Underlines are missing from various aspects of the builder to indicate a location to enter information.
  • Grouping widgets together disables the ability to resize them with mouse. If you select multiple widgets by holding either ‘Shift’ or ‘Command’ then you can use the mouse to resize these items together. If you create a group this ability goes away. * Work around – Un-group resize and then re-create the group
  • New pages do not appear as possible navigation targets until the builder is saved. If you create a new page and try to use the page within a navigation element, the page will not appear in the list until you save the space.
  • WebURL widget – Some websites are not loaded while in the Remote Control within the web. Currently you have to manually check the sites to see if they are valid or if they have x-frames.
  • Copy & Paste of elements between open Builder tabs do not include images when pasting.
  • With adding multiple calendar devices you can assign the devices to existing gateways even if the gateway is already in use.
  • While dragging a state over a slider the ‘Blue’ rectangle indicating the spot to drop the state jumps on the screen.
  • Sometimes the text ‘Add Watched State’ dialog does not appear when adding a watched state.
  • Text is truncated on monthly/yearly time trigger event view.
  • Changing a Driver numeric state from dynamic to static sends the incorrect commands. * Work around – If you change a numeric state in a driver you will need to re-drag and drop your commands.
  • If a Watched State is watching key “Zone 4” of a state and then DD is changed so that there is no longer a “Zone 4”, the builder should show an error saying that the state key is no longer valid
  • Firefox – Resizing and dragging widgets with mouse does not work as intended.
  • Firefox – A state cannot be added to a state based change event.
  • If you have more than 100 events in your builder, an attempt to re-order events will jump the screen view to the bottom of the list of events
  • If you have more than 100 macros in your builder, not all macros will be available in the execute macro dropdown until the user opens he list of macros and scrolls to bottom of list to properly load macros
    • This will also show errors in static analysis upon opening the Builder
  • Brain port number for IR or RS232 can change from default settings if devices are deleted from one gateway and added to another
  • Some macro names showing ID instead of human readable macro name
  • If using Google Chrome: the browser window may not appear correctly and the sides may be cut off
    • Workaround is to use the back button within your browser and refresh the page
  • A ghosted red frame will appear when objects are grouped


All Brain versions

  • If a connected Kramer gateway is removed from the network the Brain does not become aware of the event.
  • Very large macros (approx. 100 commands) can take a long time to complete execution. * Work around – Re-ordering your macro so that update properties are executed at the beginning may help this from being as noticeable.
  • Displayed text value of a state is possibly not sent properly by the brain.
  • System device metrics are being displayed in the brain log file.
  • Brains using ports besides 8000 do not return Brain info properly.
  • Using Custom States on a Space reference can cause error ‘Cannot execute state change on device with id<>’ to appear in the brain log.
  • Temperature unit in system device does not persist in a running Brain environment
  • Cannot use horizontal scrolling Overlays inside Vertical scrolling Overlays and vice versa
  • User input not functioning properly when using Web UI
  • Daily Timed based events are not 100% reliable. Some daily triggers may be missed.
    • Best workaround found so far is to create a new daily event trigger that sends a reset command to your SL Brain. This should be done at a time where the space is not in use
  • Sync on WAN setting is not retained after a firmware update
  • This error in logs indicates a Brain process crash inside the Linux of the Brain hardware – Unable to extract json from string _ & due to: JSON syntax error
  • Push on Hold buttons never stop executing commands if executed inside Web UI
  • User Input does not work if programmed inside a Conditional statement
  • Current Brains 2.5.0 will clear cache on a Publish. This means if you have Data Reset on Publish disabled, the cache will still be cleared on the Brain due to this issue


  • Sync on Restore default option is set to 1 (Always sync when WAN is restored). This is editable if needed with this article
  • Sony Pro Bravia running Android 8 cannot run BRAINware. * Work around – Do not update the display to Android 8. If the display is already on Android 8 you will have to wait for the fix (Late October / Early November 2019).
  • Rebooting the KT device with BRAINware activated and provisioned will cause a crash. This is due to an issue with Chrome version 76. Will be fixed in Chrome 77
  • Attempting to enter the BRAINware page navigates to Sign-In page with ‘BRAINware Activation’ at the top of the page. This is due to an issue with Chrome version 76. Will be fixed in Chrome 77 * Work around – Rebooting the KT will fix the issue.
  • Unable to provision BRAINware when large 4k sized is included in the space

Android Client

  • Cannot connect to SL Brains – This is due to an issue with Chrome version 76. Will be fixed in Chrome 77 * Work around – Rebooting the KT will fix the issue.
  • App crashes after update – When updating to the latest version of the app the app may crash. * Work around – Rebooting the KT will fix the issue.
  • Device status panel height is incorrect – While in the admin mode of the app if you click on the gateways section the information in the top panel may show as cut-off.
  • Authentication webpage is opened when clicking on the hamburger menu of the reconnecting screen after and force closing the app before the brain connects to the network.
  • Control option is disabled when using Express mode with any application version prior to v2.4 when attempting to control a newer Brain version

iOS Client

  • Unable to change projects while the spaces are loading
  • iOS devices running pre iOS version 13 will not open the Kramer Control application v2.5.0
  • Control option is disabled when using Express mode with any application version prior to v2.4 when attempting to control a newer Brain version


  • Clicking Alert shows empty blank panel without any data – Blank panel opens, no UI elements visible, no alert details at all rendered
  • Dashboard view can get messed up when selecting an un-provisioned space which has a provisioned space nested within that space
  • Error occurs when the ‘Devices’ tab is selected for a provisioned space with a missing device driver.
  • The same device can show ‘Connected’ multiple times within the LiveStream.Driver

Device Drivers

  • Drivers with two or more categories with the same name cause the brain to crash. – Make sure that there are no categories with the same names.
  • Editing drivers within a duplicated space will alter drivers across all spaces where the driver is used. * Work around – Re-import the driver and replace commands in the space where you want to edit the driver


Server outages can cause Brain to enter one of these states

  • All devices are unassigned (Orange Status)
  • Brain goes unprovisioned (Brain restart inside Kramer-UI will correct this issue without having to unprovision and reprovision)

Zoom Rooms

Unauthorized access – timeout error appearing within widget. This can appear in all three applications: web client, iOS application, and Android applications

  • This can be caused for two reasons
    • Currently, Zoom Rooms does not work with Remote Access from Manager or Dashboard
    • The Space within the Manager has a passcode
      • Remove the passcode from either the Project or Space level inside the Manager. If you remove it at a space level you will need to use Space Overrides
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Last modified: Jun 16, 2021


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