The version 2.2.7 release of Kramer Control includes fixes to Brain, Builder, Manager, Client Applications and Dashboard. More information on the included fixes can be found below.

We have improved loading times for all elements that load the Project list. This includes the Manager, Dashboard and Client applications.

Known Issues due to Google Chrome bug 991107

NOTE – The below issues are ONLY for Android devices running the Chrome Version – 76.0.3809.111. The fix for this version is already in Beta and is supposed to be rolling out at the end of August. If you have not upgraded chrome on the devices please refrain from doing so until the next version of Chrome is released. The work-around for the below use cases is to restart the device. This will fix the issue and the user will be back to normal operation.

Opening ‘BRAINware’ page within the Android app does not work properly

If the user navigates to the BRAINware page within the Kramer Control Android app they will be directed to the main sign-in page with a header of ‘BRAINware Activation’. This prevents the activation process of BRAINware until the tablet is rebooted.

App is not connecting to a provisioned space.

When a user attempts to control a provisioned space – the app shows that the brain is not connected – the app cannot connect to the brain. Upon rebooting the tablet the system works properly again.

Bug Fixes


  • Corrected issue where Brain was unable to connect to cloud services when log storage was full
  • Corrected issue where multiple devices for GPIO and Relays would not execute properly on SL devices
  • Corrected issue where Timed Events were not triggering when overriding project settings in a space
  • Corrected issue where log files were unable to be downloaded when the log storage was full
  • Provided new setting for Brain when WAN connection is lost and a sync occurs once WAN is restored


  • Corrected issue where multiple calendar icons would overlay each other when more than one calendar was added
  • Corrected issue where it would take a long time for a Calendar Credential to become selectable upon clicking on ‘Manage Credential Sources’
  • Corrected issue where project settings checkbox would not stay enabled
  • Corrected issue where the user had to refresh the Manager in order to remotely update the Brains
  • Corrected issue where a user trying to edit an email while verifying a Calendar Credential would not be able to use the delete key
  • Corrected issue where the delete button would remain enabled even after the credential was already deleted


  • Changed slider default setting for commands to be sent on release instead of on drag
  • Corrected issue where the programmer could not resize multiple selected widgets using their mouse within the builder
  • Corrected issue where navigation elements on a button fail to store on Publish or Save
  • Corrected issue where the space system device had the same device ID as a referenced space system device
  • Corrected issue where the list of available global macros did not appear when dragging and dropping a macro into a button action
  • Corrected issue where the update property ‘Overlay’ on the selected frame is not saved
  • Corrected issue where new overlays were not appearing as a selectable option until the builder is saved
  • Corrected issue where ‘Undefined Brain’ text was missing on new spaces
  • Corrected issue where the overridden locale is not reflected on the builder
  • Corrected issue where gateway images were missing
  • Corrected issue where the ability to enter ‘Hardware Name’ when ‘Add a Calendar Gateway’ option was selected

Client Applications

  • Corrected issue where no protocol was being shown for Serial settings of Brain device
  • Corrected Issue where BRAINware is disabled upon a reboot of the Kramer Tablet
  • Added re-connecting screen to iOS and Android applications and removed the Sign-in and Express mode buttons


  • Corrected issue where Space Usage and System Activity charts would not render when a space was selected
  • Corrected issue where the dashboard would be intermittently slow
Revision: 4
Last modified: 19 August 2019


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