In this module, you will learn:

  • How to add inventory (raw ingredients/goods) to Console

Adding Inventory

To add inventory you will need to navigate to the Product Management module and click Inventory.

To Add Inventory

  1. Click Add Inventory
  2. Click the calendar icon to the right of As of to select the date and enter the time of the delivery
    1. It’s important the date you enter reflects the date that you actually received the delivery of ingredients/goods (even if it is not the date that you are adding inventory to the system)
    2. Inventory should always be entered in the sequence of events it occurred
  3. Enter quantity of all items received
  4. Select the unit size of each item received
  5. Adjust the unit cost for each item received
    1. The unit cost should always reflect the unit size that is shown
      1. For example, if one case containing 100 gadgets costs $100, each gadget costs $1. The unit size for a case should be Case and the Unit Cost should be $100. However, if you change the unit size to Each the unit cost should be changed to $1 so that the totals correctly calculate costs.
  6. Click Next
  7. A summary of your add will be reflected in a floating window
  8. Click Finalize

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