In this module, you will learn:

  • The purpose of the Unrecognized Clock-In alert
  • How to process Unrecognized Clock-In alerts

The Purpose of the Unrecognized Clock-In Alert

Employees will clock in and out from the POS for their shifts. The total hours worked, are then reported to Console. Once this happens, you will receive an alert via your Dashboard titled “Unrecognized Clock-In Employee from POS”.
This alert is telling you that we are now capturing hours worked for your employees that now need to be imported into Console. It is a one-time process that will only need to occur when new employees are hired and using the system for the first time.

Processing Unrecognized Clock-In Alerts
To process unrecognized clock-in alerts you will need to navigate to the Dashboard and click Unrecognized Clock-In Employee from POS within the alerts box.

  1. Click the Click here link within the alert
  2. Click Match Employee to the right of the employee’s name(s)
    1. If you have multiple locations, you will not have to select the location that the employee belongs to. The system will automatically show the store that your employee is assigned to, based on the POS from which they clock in and out
  3. If the employee has already been created within Console, their name will automatically appear to the right of the Match “…” to Console User
    1. If the employee has not been created in Console yet, Select a User will appear to the right of Match “…” to Console User
    2. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of User
    3. Select Create New Employee
    4. The employee’s first and last name will auto-populate in the open fields below
      1. First and last name is required
  4. Click Save
    1. Once you have imported an employee’s hours, you will have the ability to edit their record to add additional details such as phone number, email address, pay rate, start date, etc. This can be done via the Employee Management portal. Refer to the Managing Existing Users training module for more information.

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