The purpose of this section is to illustrate how to navigate through the options for adjusting daily settings, uploading a product mix, viewing an hourly sales report or viewing scheduled employees for specific days within the Day-to-Day snapshot.

STEP 1: From your Dashboard view, mouse over the Store tab and click Day-to-Day.

STEP 2: Click Options at the top right to adjust Daily Settings, Upload a Product Mix, View an Hourly Sales Report or View Scheduled Employees.

Day Settings

Click to see it in action

To adjust daily settings, click Day Settings. From the window that opens, click Closed and/or Holiday and then Save.

Upload Product Mix
To upload a product mix, click Upload Product Mix. From the window that opens, select the desired date and choose your format. Next, click* _Choose File_* to upload your file from your computer and click Upload.

View Hourly Sales Report
To view your hourly sales report, click View Hourly Sales Report. A snapshot of your hourly sales will appear. Click More Details to view more detailed information.

View Scheduled Employees
To view that employees that were/are scheduled for a specific day, click View Scheduled Employees. A snapshot of your scheduled employees will appear. Click More Details to access your entire team roster and to view more detailed information.

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