Effective labor management can help to reduce the overhead of daily administrative tasks by quickly managing your human resources needs, staff scheduling, labor tracking, payroll processing and integration through the NCR Console platform.

In this section you will find the following resources:

New Users: How to add new employees to the system.
Manage Existing Users: How to manage an existing employee.
Creating a new Department, Position or Task: How to create a new Department, Position or Task.
Employee Notes: How to add notes for an employee.
Additional Employee Information: How to input additional employee information, such as pay rate, start date, etc…
Roles & Responsibilities: How to manage Department, Position and Task categories.
User Permissions: How to adjust visibility permissions for your employees.

Employee Availability
Requesting Time Off: How employees request time off.
Managing Time Off Requests: How to manage time off requests.

Creating a Work Schedule
Creating a Work Schedule: How to create a work schedule.
Add Note for Current Week: How to add a note for the current work week.
Communicating Schedules: How to share work schedules with your team.

Time Card
Export a Time Card: How to export an employee’s time card.
Import a Time Card: How to import an employee’s time card.

Employee Training: How to assign course work, certification tests and view progress.