Release Notes

With our latest version, we’re bringing you more great features that will make running your business even smoother and more time efficient!

Executive View Reporting
Console will automatically enable Executive View reporting when an site becomes a multi-site network. Alternatively, if a site becomes a single site network from a multi-site network, Executive View reporting will be removed. This is an out of the box feature that is available to all Console customers with a multi-site account. There is no extra charge for access to this feature.
Requires Advanced Reporting subscription.

Inventory Enhancement
We have further enhanced our inventory platform so that when an item is created via the Raw Ingredient Wizard, you can add that item to recipes using only the Units of Measure (UOMs) that apply to the item you created. This will prevent the duplication of UOMs from showing when building recipes, thereby eliminating confusion
Requires Inventory subscription.


  • Job Codes Showing Incorrectly (select merchant)
  • Hourly Sales Not Reporting Correctly (select merchant)
  • Work Schedule Oops error (select merchant)
  • COGS item cost issue ((select merchants)
  • Over/Short Not Reporting on Single Day Daily Summary (Silver/SPRE sites)
  • Over/Short on Daily Summary not reporting for multi-day (Silver/SPRE sites)
  • Other Tender Issue (system-wide)
  • 2019 Audit creation (select merchant)
  • Gift Cards Not Being Removed from Net Sales on Daily Summary (select merchants)
  • Missing Cash Deposits (Silver/SPRE sites)
  • Schedule Push Showing for Non-SPRE Sites (Silver sites)
  • Corporate portal issue with filtering (select merchants)
  • Disruption to Polling (select merchant)