In this module, you will learn about:

  • Standard sales reports
  • How to navigate to the sales reports

Sales Reports

You will have the ability to view sales data in a variety of ways within Console. Report features include the ability to add chart data, drill down for more detailed information and export reports to Excel.

Standard Reports

  • Sales: Allows you to view sales by hour, day, week day, weekly, by month, by period, or by year for any given period of time
  • Product Mix: Allows you to view product sales by category or department for any given period of time
  • Modifier Report: Allows you to view a detailed summary of item modifiers that are used in the sales transactions for any given period of time
  • Item Sales by Employee: Allows you to view a breakdown of items sold by your employees

To Navigate to Sales Reports

  1. Mouse over to the Reports tab and click Sales Reports
    1. You can also
      1. Click Reports
      2. Click Sales Reports

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