Release Notes

With our latest version, we’re bringing you more great features that will make running your business even smoother and more time efficient!

SPRE Daily Summary
We have enhanced the Daily Summary for SPRE POS merchants so that users see a report that is specific to their POS. The Order Mode reports the Net Sales and Checks. Merchant’s can use this section to determine how each segment of their store is performing. This section will blank if not being utilized.
Requires Advanced Reporting subscription. Available with SPRE POS integrations.


  • Product Mix Not Matching Item Sales (select site)
  • Unspecified Amount Showing in Product Mix (select site)
  • Daily Summary results in an oops error when clicking net sales (select site)
  • Unspecified – Gross Sales (Calculation update) (select site)
  • PMIX Item Trend data missing (select sites)
  • Executive View: Custom Report Rev Center Oops Error (select sites)
  • Report Errors in Daily Summary and EV Summary Report (select sites)
  • Custom report – Comp sales error – Oops error (select sites)
  • Daily Summary SMS character limit – enhanced to refer to site name in SMS texting
  • Update CC Tender Type Term