Release Notes

With our latest version, we’re bringing you more great features that will make running your business even smoother and more time efficient!

Automatically map SPRE employees to Console
Allows for the automatic import of employee data (name, user role, user role ID, associated pay rates and email address) into Console. This new feature eliminates the step that users previously had to take to manually import (or map) employee data from the POS to Console.
Requires Advanced Reporting subscription. Available with SPRE POS integrations.

Send work schedule to Silver Back Office for SPRE merchants
When Schedule Enforcement is enabled and a completed work schedule is published, Console will send the schedule to the applicable SBO (Silver Back Office). If Download Schedule to POS is checked within SBO, the user will be able to pull the schedule up to view it directly on the POS. The user will have the option to view the schedule by Employee or User Role. Once SPRE can support schedule enforcement, Console will automatically support it based on the work completed.
Requires Advanced Reporting subscription. Available with SPRE integrations.

Raw Ingredient Wizard – Error Check Page
When entering new items within the Raw Ingredient Wizard, the page will automatically run an error check to ensure that no fields are missing entries and/or that all entries have acceptable values/characters. The system will run a check each time the page is saved so as to ensure everything is accurate before moving on. This will ensure that all items are saved to a users inventory and not inadvertently missed due to errors.
Requires Inventory subscription. Available with all POS integrations.


  • Unspecified Amount (select customer)
  • 2019 audit (select customer)
  • Daily and Weekly Sales Reports Notifications Issue (system-wide)