The purpose of this section is to illustrate how a Manager manages time off requests.

How to Give an Employee Access to Request Time Off

To request time off, employees must first have access to the Employee site on NCR Console (see Step 5 of Permission Setting).

Managing Time Off Requests

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STEP 1: From your Dashboard view, mouse over the Store tab and click Labor.

STEP 2: Click on Employee Availability to bring up the weekly schedule view.

STEP 3: Mouse over to, and click on, the day you wish to adjust availability for.

STEP 4: Select Available or Not Available. You can choose to enter specific times or click “All Day”. Click Save when done.

To view employee unavailability, click View Unavailable Times in the lower right corner.

To view employee availability, click View Available Times in the lower right corner.

How to Approve Time Off Requests

Click to see it in action

STEP 1: Your employee can submit unavailability (or time off requests) via their own log ins through the Employee site. An alert will show up in the Alerts box of your Dashboard when they do this. Click on Unavailability Received to open the message. Click the link within the message to go to the request.

STEP 2: From here, click the Pending Approval status link to approve or reject the request.

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