In this section we will provide an example that will add a single module of each Mode to a project. This will require a combination of selecting the proper DAP from the Hardware catalog coupled with using the correct Profinet Name to achieve our desired result. The following chart lists the 6 modules we want to add to our project and the proper Device and Profinet Name syntax needed.

Module Mode I.P. Address DAP from Hardware Catalog Profinet Name
Full ZPA ConveyLinx-Ai conveylinxzpa-0-20
Full PLC Controlled ConveyLinx-Ai conveylinxplc-101-21
Reduced ZPA ConveyLinx-Ai in reduced ZPA mode conveylinxzpa-101-22
Reduced PLC Controlled ConveyLinx-Ai in reduced PLC mode conveylinxplc-20-123
Full ZPA with Merger ConveyLinx-Ai conveylinxzpa-0-21
ConveyLogix Interface ConveyLinx-Ai in PLC mode with ConveyLogix conveylogix-0-22