In this section we will provide an example that will add a single module of each Mode to a project. This will require a combination of selecting the proper DAP from the Hardware catalog coupled with using the correct Profinet Name to achieve our desired result. The following chart lists the 6 modules we want to add to our project and the proper Device and Profinet Name syntax needed.

Module Mode I.P. Address DAP from Hardware Catalog Profinet Name
Full ZPA ConveyLinx conveylinxzpa-0-20
Full PLC Controlled ConveyLinx conveylinxplc-101-21
Reduced ZPA ConveyLinx in reduced ZPA mode conveylinxzpa-101-22
Reduced PLC Controlled ConveyLinx in reduced PLC mode conveylinxplc-20-123
Full ZPA with Merger ConveyLinx conveylinxzpa-0-21
ConveyLogix Interface ConveyLinx in PLC mode with ConveyLogix conveylogix-0-22