Term Definition
Carton A separate (usually wrapped or boxed) object to be transported by the conveyor. The terms tray, tote, load, or product may also be used interchangeably in this document.
ConveyLinx Conveyor controls architecture based upon modular distributed devices connected via Ethernet network.
ConveyLinx-Ai / ConveyLinx-Ai2 / ConveyLInx-Ai3 Conveyor control module that is part of the ConveyLinx family. Each module can accommodate up to 2 MDR conveyor zones. The modules allow connection for Senergy-Ai platform motor rollers and gear drives. The term Module will be used within this document and will refer to the ConveyLinx-Ai2 device
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol A protocol for assigning IP addresses to devices on a network from a pool of available IP’s. A dynamic IP address changes each time the device connects to the network
ERSC Ethernet Roller Speed Control module – Conveyor control module that is part of the ConveyLinx family. Each ERSC can accommodate up to 2 MDR conveyor zones. In this document the term module will be synonymous with ERSC
ERSC-SE4 Designed to “break-out” the RJ11 connection for easy installation. The module has an amplifier to the output giving it up to 100mA output capabilities. Configurable diodes for the inputs to minimize leakage current to and from the ERSC. Module also allows for external power source connection for auxiliary devices.
Hall Effect Sensor Special sensor embedded within the brushless DC motor of an MDR used to provide motor rotor position feedback to the motor controller
IP54 The IP Code (International Protection Marking) specifies the device’s degree of resistance to intrusions, dust and water. IP54 certified device must be fully protected from splashed water, dust particles and completely protected from contact
JST This is the name of a particular connector manufacturer that produces a specific plug/socket arrangement for MDR connection to control cards. This name is accepted within the conveyor and MDR industry as a simple description of the particular socket style used on ERSC hardware.
LED Light Emitting Diode – In the context of this document, LED’s are used on the ConveyLinx-Ai2 to provide visual indication of module status
Light / Dark Energized Term used to describe how the signaling output circuit of a photo-sensor is configured when it detects its reflected light. A photo-sensor that is light energized will activate its output circuit when it detects its reflected light. A dark energized photo-sensor will activate its output circuit when it does not detect its reflected light
M8 This is the type of a connector, which has four connector pins and is used on the ConveyLinx Ai2 modules for both sensor connectors and MDR connectors
MDR Motorized Drive Roller or Motor Driven Roller – Brushless DC motor and gearbox assembly integrated into a single conveyor roller
Normally Open / Normally Closed Control logic terminology to define the state of the output of a Boolean “on” or “off” device. The term specifically describes the state of the output circuit when the device’s sensing circuit is un-energized. In the context of photo-sensors; a normally open wired sensor would have its output circuit energized when it detected its reflected light and its output circuit would be de-energized when it did not detect its reflected light. Conversely a photo-sensor wired normally closed would energize its output circuit when it did not see its reflected light and it would de-energize its output circuit when it did detect its reflected light
NPN / PNP Electronics term that indicates the type of transistor circuit used for a logical input or output for controllers. NPN devices will provide a common or ground connection when activated and a PNP device will provide a logic voltage connection when activated
Photo-sensor A device, mounted near the end of the conveyor zone to sense the presence of a carton on the zone
PLC Programmable Logic Controller – A wide variety of industrial computing devices that control automatic equipment
PWM Pulse Width Modulation – a control scheme that utilizes high speed switching transistors to efficiently deliver power in a controlled fashion from the ConveyLinx controller to MDR
Retro-reflective / Reflex Term used to describe the two basic types of photo-sensors. Retro-reflective photo-sensors utilize a reflective target that must be aligned with the photo-sensor such that the light emitted by the photo-sensor is reflected back to it. ‘Reflex (or sometimes known as proximity) type photo-sensors emit light to be reflected back from an object located sufficiently close to the sensor. ‘For both types of photo-sensors, when they detect their reflected light source, their signaling output circuit changes state.

RJ-11 / RJ-12 Registered Jack Style 11 / 12 – Standard connector / receptacle format utilizing 4 or 6 pin connections. The typical standard connection for telephones. RJ-11 utilizes 4 pins and RJ-12 utilizes 6 pins but both styles use the same physical size.
RJ-45 Registered Jack Style 45 – Standard connector / receptacle format utilizing 8 pin connections. The typical standard for computer network cable connections
Senergy-Ai PulseRoller brand proprietary motor control platform that provides electronic intelligence inside the motor that can be read by ConveyLinx-Ai Family and MotionLinx-Ai Family control modules. The connection from the motor to the controller is via 4-Pin M8 style connector
Singulation Release Conveyor control method for zoned controlled conveyor that dictates that when a zone is discharging its carton, the upstream carton waiting to enter must wait until the discharged carton is completely clear before it is allowed to enter
Slave Rollers A set of non-motorized conveyor rollers mechanically linked to an MDR. The MDR and slave rollers make up a physical zone. All of the slave rollers in a zone rotate at the same speed and direction as the MDR because of their mechanical linkage
TCP/IP Transport Control Protocol / Internet Protocol – IP is the protocol which oversees the transmission of information packets from device to device on an Ethernet network. TCP makes sure the packets have arrived and that the message is complete. These two protocols are the basic language of the Internet and are often referred to together as TCP/IP.
Train Release Conveyor control method for zone configured conveyor that dictates that when a zone is discharging, the upstream zone’s carton can move in unison with the discharging carton.
Zone A basic (linear or curved) cell of the conveyor consisting of a set of slave rollers driven by one or more MDR’s and a single photo-sensor.
ZPA Zero Pressure Accumulation – Term that describes the conveyor controls and mechanical scheme that will cause loads to queue on a conveyor in discrete zones such that loads do not touch each other