For a T-Merge, the discharging conveyor is arranged perpendicular to the Merge Zone and this discharging conveyor needs to “throw” the product across the Merge Zone’s rollers. In order to mitigate carton alignment issues, the logic controls need to make sure that it keeps the Merge Zone’s rollers stopped until the discharging conveyor has completely finished “throwing” the product onto the Merge Zone. In order to accommodate various conveyor speeds and material handling situations; EasyRoll provides some timer adjustments to facilitate proper T-Merge functionality.

Accept Timeout

This timer specifies how much time the Merge Zone will wait after its sensor is blocked until the logic allows it’s motor to run. Once the timer has expired, the Merge Zone’s motor will be allowed to run. Keep in mind that conditions downstream of the Merge Zone also dictate if the motor is allowed to run.

Send Timeout

This timer specifies how much time the discharging zone has to wait after the Merge Zone sensor is clear before it is allowed to release the next product into the Merge Zone. This timer helps ensure that the Merge Zone is clear when sensor placement cannot guarantee that the zone is clear.