ConveyStop is a ConveyLinx function that establishes a network based means to signal all ConveyLinx Modules with a Stop Command in order to physically stop their motion and/or output functions and remain in a stopped state until a separate Start Command network signal is received to return all connected modules back to their normal function. This is accomplished by utilizing the built-in Ethernet network that already inter-connects the ConveyLinx control system

Single Physical Network with 2 Stop Groups

In a similar fashion to how ConveyLinx modules establish logical connections based upon conveyor flow; ConveyStop, when applied, establishes Stop Group connections between modules such that only modules within a given Stop Group are affected by STOP and START network commands. With ConveyStop, any given system can be segregated into as many Stop Groups as desired as long as all modules within a Stop Group are physically connected over Ethernet.

Typical STOP Command Sources

Typical START Command Sources

Each Stop Group is independent in that a Stop Command or Start Command occurring in one Stop Group does not affect the modules in another Stop Group even if they are on the same Ethernet network. In fact, modules within the same subnet that have logical conveyor flow connections can be in different Stop Groups. This means that a ConveyLinx-ERSC module in a non-stopped Stop Group will automatically detect if it is discharging into a stopped Stop Group and automatically inhibit product flow.