The ability to respond to Stop Commands and Start Commands is built in to every ERSC and CNIP module. The activation of the ConveyStop function requires the ConveyStop PC software package to first define one or more Stop Groups of modules and then enable the ConveyStop functions in these modules. When enabled, the modules create 2 logical network connection rings within their configured Stop Group as shown:

These connections create two logical rings. Each module expects to get data and heartbeat keep-alive messages every 200 ms over both connection rings. If any single module in the group does not receive data or heartbeat message either of its neighbors; the module will immediately disable the gates of its MOSFET transistors and sends a message to all other module over the 2 connection rings to do the same. The disabling of the MOSFET gates immediately halts any possible commutation and rotation of connected motors.

For ConveyLinx ERSC modules, the ConveyStop Stop Command causes all motor commutation to immediately stop. For ConveyLinx ConveyNet I/P (CNIP)) modules, the _*Stop* Command causes the CNIP processor to de-energize the output bus relay, thus disconnecting control power to the affected discrete outputs.

Once a Stop Group has been stopped and any and all conditions that caused the Stop Command have been cleared; the Stop Group has to be given a Start command to restart the function of the logical ring connections.