Once a linear conveyor has been commissioned by Auto-Configuration Procedure, the ConveyLinx Module store configuration data about its upstream and downstream neighboring modules. This configuration data is automatically updated even if the linear conveyor has had its parameters modified by the EasyRoll software. The ConveyLinx Module firmware uses this feature to allow for easy module replacement so that the entire linear conveyor does not have to be Auto-Configured again in order to replace a single ConveyLinx Module.

Module Auto Replacement Procedure

  1. Disconnect existing module’s motor(s), network, photo-sensor(s), hardware, and power connections. The order of disconnection does not matter.

  2. Connect new module’s motor(s), sensor(s), hardware, and network connections only. DO NOT CONNECT POWER YET.

  3. Press and hold INSTALL button. While holding the INSTALL button pressed; connect module power.

  4. Observe the Module Status LED. About 1 second after applying power; the Module Status LED will start blinking red. DO NOT RELEASE THE INSTALL BUTTON YET. After another second, you will see that the Module Status LED will start to blink both RED and GREEN. This is the indication that the Auto Replace Procedure is starting and you MUST release the Install Button NOW. Releasing the Install Button before you see the Module Status LED flashing both red and green will result in cancelling the Auto Replace Procedure.

  5. To tell if the Auto Replace Procedure has been properly initiated, the replaced module will turn its Sensor and Control Port LEDs on solid red. Also, all modules on the network will briefly flash their sensor and control port LEDs. This is normal and they will return to normal operation within a few seconds.

  6. Wait for at least 3 minutes before using the system or cycling power or plugging or unplugging any Ethernet connections. The module being replaced will automatically upgrade or downgrade its firmware if needed and restore its configuration settings. This will involve multiple automatic restarts of the module. Do NOT cycle power to the module during this 3-minute period.

  7. When both the Module Status and Network LED’s are blinking green, then the module replacement has been a success.