STEP 1: Add the Module to the PLC Network

From the Catalog window, drag and drop the ConveyLinx-Ai in PLC mode with ConveyLogix DAP into the Network View window
To attach the module to the PLC, click on the Not Assigned link and select the desired Profinet Interface of the PLC
When attached, you will see the green graphic linking the PLC and the module together

STEP 2: Assign the EXACT Profinet Name to the Module

Follow the same STEP 2 as in Full ZPA Example. For this example the correct Profinet Name per our Example Table is conveylogix-0-22

STEP 3: Enter the I.P. Address

Follow the same STEP 3 as in Full ZPA Example. For this example the correct I.P. Address per our Example Table is

STEP 4: Select Update Time Interval

Follow the same STEP 4 as in Full ZPA Example. Because this module is running a ConveyLogix program, the Update time interval is recommended to be set based upon the CPU usage the ConveyLogix program is causing on the module.

CPU Usage and Recommended Update Times

The following table provides the recommended Update times based upon CPU usage of your ConveyLogix program.

CPU Usage Minimum Recommended Update Time
< 50% 8ms
50% – 60% 16ms
60% – 70% 32ms
70% – 80% 64ms
80% – 90% 128ms