The Look Ahead feature configures the logic to “look ahead” to its next downstream zone and if it is occupied when a carton is entering its zone, the module will dynamically adjust the MDR to the selected speed. This feature in intended to be used in higher speed applications were increased stopping distance is required to keep cartons from over-travelling their stop positions. This function can be applied per zone or for multiple zones

A carton is accumulated and stopped at Zone 1 and another carton is conveying at normal set speed
When carton reaches end of Zone 3, Zone 2 will wake up and run at the Look Ahead Speed
Click the checkbox to enable the Look Ahead feature for the selected Node. Clicking the Set buttons will download the setting to the respective zone on the selected Node. The value entered for the slowdown speed is in percent of the Node’s normal speed as set on the main screen. In this example, the Look Ahead speed will be proportional to 80% of 90% PWM current. If the PWM speed on the main screen was set to 70% PWM, then the slowdown speed would be “80% of 70% PWM”. Also note there is a Set All button that will apply the settings to the range of Nodes entered

Fast Release Time

The Fast Release Time option allows you to set a delay before the Look Ahead Slowdown speed is engaged for the slow-down zone

When Zone 2 wakes up it will run at normal set speed until the Fast Release Time has expired, then it will switch to run at the Look Ahead Slowdown speed
To use the Fast Response Time option, click the Fast Release Time checkbox and enter a time value (in seconds) into the value entry box. In this example we entered 0.5 seconds. Click Set to write the changes to the module and use the Set All feature as desired