When an ConveyLinx Module is attached to an external Ethernet I/P controller (Logix 5000 based PLC), it is done so as a Generic Ethernet I/O device or by installing EDS file(s) provided by Pulseroller.

Part of this procedure in the PLC is to instruct the Generic device as to which data configuration or instance of Ethernet I/P the Generic device is to use to report and respond to data to and from the PLC. From this point forward, it is assumed the reader is familiar with Allen-Bradley Logix platform addressing notation:


• ModuleName is the user-defined name of the device
• “O.Data” indicates data written by the PLC to the device
• “I.Data” indicates data read by the PLC from the device
• “[Index].Bit” indicates the word and bit within the image. If the bit notation is absent the notation refers to the entire word data type

These Assembly Instances group the appropriate Module Register Address registers into contiguous Input and Output array images that fit into the Allen-Bradley Logix 5000 controller tags

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