Register Name / Module Address Assembled Address for PLC Description
Clear Motor Error
M: 4:1616
E: O.Data [16]
P: Byte 32 (Hi)
   Byte 33 (Lo)
Logical 1 or 0:
   1 = send reset command
   0 = clear reset command
Set Control Port Outputs
M: 4:1617
E: O.Data [17]
P: Byte 34 (Hi)
   Byte 35 (Lo)
Bitwise Value: 1 energizes Output
   bit 1 = Left Control Port
   bit 3 = Right Control Port
Reserved M: 4:1618
E: O.Data [18]
P: Byte 36 (Hi)
   Byte 37 (Lo)

Clear Motor Error

Errors deemed “fatal” for the ERSC (motor short circuit and Hall Effect sensor fault) require either removal of power to reset or remote reset by PLC. Setting bit 0 of this register to 1 will initiate this remote error reset from the PLC to the local ERSC. Setting this bit will reset a fatal error on either (or both) the left or right MDR.

Control Port Outputs

By default, in ZPA mode, the PLC does not have control of the local connected module’s Control Port output signals. The default function of the Control Port output signals is to be energized when the Control Port’s corresponding zone is occupied. In certain applications, it may be desired to have the PLC actuate a device along the conveyor (i.e. illuminate a light or energize a solenoid coil, etc.). With the ConveyLinx network this can be done without installing a separate PLC I/O system to do this. Using EasyRoll software, one or both Control Ports can have their function switched from internal ZPA logic control to be controlled by the PLC. See EasyRoll software Advanced Screen|Control Ports| Checkboxes for Enable PLC Controls