When ConveyLinx modules are Auto-Configured from either EasyRoll or by Install button, each module automatically generates its own specific Profinet Names each with an exact syntax that corresponds to the Mode of Operation (ZPA or PLC I/O) determined during Auto-Configuration. If you performed Auto-Configuration with an Install button, each module defaults to ZPA Mode and the ZPA Profinet Names will be automatically generated. If you use EasyRoll to change a module from ZPA to PLC I/O Mode, the Profinet Names are automatically updated for PLC I/O Mode

The following chart shows the exact syntax for Profinet Names:

Mode Syntax Remarks
Full ZPA conveylinxzpa-xxx-yyy xxx = 3rd Octet of I.P. Address

yyy = 4th Octet of I.P. Address
Reduced ZPA
Full PLC Controlled conveylinxplc-xxx-yyy
Reduced PLC Controlled