Please Note – ConveyMerge works for ALL ConveyLinx Family Modules

Module Firmware
ConveyLinx-ERSC 4.25 and later
ConveyLinx-HTF 4.25 and later
ConveyLinx-Ai2 4.20 and later
ConveyLinx-Ai3-24-xx 4.20 and later

The following items are the prerequisites and constraints required to provide a fully functioning automatic conveyor merge:

  • EasyRoll version 4.19 or greater
  • Only (1) one Merge Zone is allowed for any given single module
  • Merge Zone cannot have any Extension (slaved) zone
  • Merge Zone must be in ZPA mode. Left Line discharge, Right Line discharge, and Center Line discharge can be in either ZPA mode or PLC I/O mode
  • Left, Right, and Center Lines discharges cannot also be included in another instance of ConveyMerge