Indicator Description
You can navigate to the next or previous module’s Diagnostic Window by clicking the + and – buttons
Displays the current ZPA status of the zone and the state of the sensor
Displays the status of the upstream and downstream zones to the selected module. Note that the values depicted below the text (“00 00” in the example) indicate the contents of the Tracking Registers. Please refer to ConveyLinx ERSC PLC Developers Guide for details on how to use the Tracking Registers
Displays the current input voltage to the module as well as the count of the number of times the power supply went below 18 volts but did not completely shut off. This is useful for diagnosing possible power supply issues
Displays the current state of each Sensor Port and Control Port input signals
Displays current status of each motor. Please note that this data is also shown on the main screen as well

Accumulation Status

If a carton is accumulated on a particular zone, the Diagnostic Window will indicate a reason for the accumulated state. Also note that in situations where an external device (PLC or PC controller) or the Accumulate icon on the Main Screen has been activated; the Sensor LED on the module for the stopped carton’s zone will be fast blinking green. You can then consult the Diagnostic Window for more detailed information on the exact reason

As shown in this example, for the downstream zone on the selected Module, it shows “Pin3 Control Port Accumulation” as the reason a carton is stopped at this zone even though the zone that is downstream of this module is empty