Selecting the Proper EDS File

The first step is to select the proper EDS file based upon the firmware version of your ConveyLinx ERSC modules. Our website contains all EDS files for download including older versions. The following chart lists firmware version, operation mode, and EDS file cross-reference information:

ERSC Firmware ERSC Mode EDS File
4.24 and Earlier ZPA Mode Only ConveyLinx_ZPA_Instance_1.eds
4.24 and Earlier PLC I/O Mode Only ConveyLinx_PLC_IO_Instance_1.eds
4.25 and 4.27 ZPA & PLC I/O Mode ConveyLinx_V5_6.eds
5.02 and Later ZPA & PLC I/O Mode ConveyLinx_V5_6.eds

Installing the EDS file provided by Pulseroller into your RSLogix 5000 environment will allow you to select the ERSC module from your list of known devices without having to use the Generic Ethernet Module method. The EDS file contains the Instance and size parameters so you do not have to fill in this information. When you connect to an ERSC, the data is arranged in assembled registers with the data appearing in your Controller Tags similarly to how the data appears when you connect to an ERSC as a Generic Ethernet Module.